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3.4.3 - Admissions Policies

The institution publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission.

Judgment of Compliance

The College certifies compliance.


The official admissions policy of CCC is outlined under 6.2.1 in the CCC Policies and Procedures Manual. CCC publishes admissions, provisional acceptance, and readmission policies and procedures for curriculum credit programs under the Admissions section of the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook, available online or in Student Services. Major publications, such as the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook, are reviewed on an annual basis prior to publication. Traditional students, non-traditional students, distance learning students, and prospective students have access to admissions policies and procedures, both online and in printed formats. Admissions information adequately and accurately represents the programs, requirements, and services available to traditional and distance learning students and is published in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook and on the Admissions website.

The admissions policies support the institution’s mission by providing all students with the opportunity to obtain affordable, accessible, and a diverse high-quality education and/or training for professional and personal growth. The admissions policies are consistent with the State Board of Community Colleges Code 1D SBCCC 400.2 Admissions to College, which states “each college shall maintain an open door policy.” CCC provides admission to any legal resident of the United States who is at least 18 years of age or has a high school diploma or equivalency.

Formulation, review and establishment of admission policies is the responsibility of the Admissions Committee, which consists of members from Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Programs, Student Services, Student Government Association, and faculty. The Admissions Committee meets at least annually to review admissions, academic policies, and procedures and make any recommended changes as evidenced by minutes from 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014. Upon approval, any changes in admissions criteria are reflected in the published materials.


The College has an open-door policy. However, there are restrictions on admission to certain programs of study or courses. All students enrolling in a degree, diploma, or certificate program must meet certain requirements for curriculum level English or mathematics courses. Placement into specific courses is based upon prior academic performance, standardized testing, or placement testing, which helps to ensure student success. Students who do not yet possess the background required for these courses are enrolled in developmental courses in English, and mathematics, designed to provide this background. Applicants applying to any curriculum program may be required to complete a placement test unless they demonstrate readiness according to the College Placement Scores.

Provisional Acceptance

An official high school transcript, or its equivalency, is required for students enrolling in all associate degree programs, diplomas, and certificates except for the following: A/C, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Diploma and Certificate, HVAC/R Control System Certificate, HVAC/R Automation Controls Certificate, Heat Pump Systems Certificate, Heating Systems Certificate, Carpentry Diploma and Certificate, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology Diploma and Certificate, Computer - Integrated Machining Diploma and Certificate, Computer Numerical Control Certificate, Basic Machining and Basic CNC Certificate, Facility Maintenance Diploma, Facility Maintenance - Electrical Maintenance Certificate, Industrial Systems Technology Diploma, Industrial Systems Technology - Electrical/Automation Certificate, Industrial Systems Technology - Mechanical/Hydraulics Certificate, Plumbing Diploma and Certificate, Welding Technology Diploma and Certificates (Basic, Gas, MIG, Stick, TIG, Pipe).

Provisional acceptance allows students to attempt 24 credit hours before submitting an official transcript verifying completion of a high school program. Provisional acceptance is not granted for any competitive admissions programs.

General Admissions for Curriculum Programs

Admission to the College is available to any individual who is a high school graduate or equivalent as defined by State Board of Community Colleges Code 1D SBCCC 400.2, Section A. Applicants applying to all curriculum programs, including associate degree, diploma and certificates, must submit an online application via CFNC and an official high school transcript, excluding any certificate or diploma listed in the Provisional Acceptance section. An official transcript from previous colleges attended will be required before any transfer credit can be awarded. General admissions information is located in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook. In additional to providing general admissions information online, the Admissions website also provides specific information pertaining to a student’s classification (New, Returning, International, etc.).

Competitive Admissions Programs

Competitive admission programs with limited enrollment have additional admission requirements for program selection. Specific admissions requirements for these programs are published in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook and on the College website under Allied Health Students. All students are given an opportunity to meet minimum requirements to enter competitive programs. Competitive admission programs include: Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET), Associate Degree Nursing (and Advanced Placement), Practical Nursing, Radiography, Computed Tomography, and Surgical Technology. Additionally, the Admissions and Selection Rubric for competitive admissions programs are recommended by appropriate faculty members and Academic Dean to the Admissions Committee, or by the Foothills Consortium. Since points are awarded in the Admission and Selection rubric, subjectivity is minimized.

International and Undocumented Students

The College provides specific information for International students and is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students with an F-1 visa. Complete admissions information for international students can be found in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook and on the Admissions website.

The College admissions policies are consistent with the State Board of Community Colleges Code 1D SBCC 400.2 Section B regarding admission of undocumented immigrants. Information regarding admission of undocumented students can be found in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook and on the College website.

Special Credit

Applicants not planning to enter or complete a specific program are required to only complete the application for admission. Special credit (undecided) students must still demonstrate course readiness according to the College Placement Scores. Information regarding admission of special credit students can be found in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook and on the Special Credit section of the College Website.

Career and College Promise

Admission requirements for high school (CCP) students are available on the College Website and the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook. The state of North Carolina allows high school and home-schooled students who meet eligibility requirements to dual enroll in college courses. Students must have the approval of the school principal via the Career and College Promise approval form.

Homeschool Graduates

Homeschool students, who are treated the same as traditional students, must complete the online application via CFNC and submit an official high school transcript. Acceptable documentation for a homeschool high school transcript must be provided by the homeschool administrator and must be registered with the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education. Information regarding admission of homeschool students can be found in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook.