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4.6 - Recruitment Materials

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.

Judgment of Compliance

The College certifies compliance.


Cleveland Community College has three main sources of information concerning policies and procedures, services available, programs offered, and course offerings: the College website (, and the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook, and Policies and Procedures Manual, which are both available through the College website.

Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook

To ensure accuracy in the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook, each year designated faculty, staff or administrators review an assigned section as evidenced by the Catalog Responsibilities Chart. Any changes are presented to the appropriate committee for approval (e.g. program-related changes are approved by Curriculum Committee). Once the appropriate committee approves, changes are presented to the Administrative Council for final approval as evidenced by these examples in Administrative Council minutes from 2016 and 2017. After changes have been approved and made, the document is reviewed by the Public Information and Marketing Coordinator and others.

Printed Publications

All individual brochures and general recruiting publications (e.g. Financial Aid Brochure, cccConnect, semester course schedule) produced by various College offices and departments, and available to the public are coordinated by the office of Public Information and Marketing. The process for generating marketing materials is as follows:

  1. Requesting department submits a Marketing Request Form, which must be approved by the appropriate vice president and the Executive Vice President, before materials are created.
  2. A draft design of the requested material is created and submitted to the requesting party for initial review.
  3. Once information is confirmed and approved by the requesting party, the draft is submitted to the appropriate supervisor and vice president for review.
  4. Once approved at that stage, it is reviewed by the Public Information and Marketing Coordinator and the Executive Vice President for final approval.

The review process ensures all information contained in printed and electronic marketing materials is accurate, current and consistent with College standards. An example of a completed project began with the completed Marketing Request Form and culminated with the finished marketing piece for the Medical Assisting Program.


Although the College still produces traditional printed materials for distribution to current and prospective students and others, reliance on printed material has been decreasing in recent years. Most printed materials refer readers to the website for detailed information.

The same materials or information available to on-campus students are available to distance learning students through the website (Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook, Financial Aid Brochure, cccConnect, MyCleveland for real-time course schedule information, and CareerFocus magazine). They can access the Policies and Procedures Manual through the About CCC tab on the website.

The process for updating the website is as follows:

  1. Responsible parties submit requests for website revision to the Webmaster.
  2. Webmaster makes requested revisions and reviews the changes.
  3. Responsible parties review the revisions to ensure content is accurate, current and consistent with College standards and campus publications and presentations.


Faculty and staff provide presentations at area high schools, local organizations, area churches, annual community events, and other events by invitation. Presentations include information about admissions, financial aid, academic programs, new student orientation, and available services as evidenced by CareerFocus magazine, which is used in these presentations.