November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013
12:15 p.m.
Schenck Board Room

1. Call to Order Chairman Hoyt Q. Bailey
2. Invocation Dr. L. Steve Thornburg, President
3. Conflict of Interest Statement Chairman Bailey
4. Minutes of September 10, 2013 [Exhibit A]* [ACTION] - Chairman Bailey

5. Budget Summary [Exhibit B]*
    Tommy Greene, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

6. Campaign for the Future of Cleveland Community College
     Eddie Holbrook, Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations

7. Department of Labor Grant on Mission Critical Operations
    Jonathan Davis, Project Manager, Information Technology – DOL Grant
    Mitchell Sepaugh, Project Manager, Industrial Systems – DOL Grant

8. Course and Program Fees for Continuing Education and Curriculum [Exhibit C]* [ACTION]
     Dr. Shannon Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Development

9. Fall Enrollment Report - Curriculum [Exhibit D] - Dr. Kennedy

10. Amendment to State Firearms Laws [Exhibits EF, and G]* - Dr. Thornburg

11. Student Government Association
        Jonathan “Jay” Miller, President of Student Government Association

12. Continuing Education Internal Audit Report. - Dr. Thornburg

13. President's Report [Exhibit H] - Dr. Thornburg

14. Appointments to Board of Trustees’ Committees [Exhibit I]* - Chairman Bailey

15. Other Business - Chairman Bailey

16. Adjournment - Chairman Bailey