January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014
12:15 p.m.
Schenck Board Room

1. Call to Order - Chairman Hoyt Q. Bailey

2. Invocation - Eddie Holbrook, Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations

3. Conflict of Interest Statement- Chairman Bailey

4. Swearing in of New Trustee - Amy Dulin, Notary Public

5. Introduction of New Employees - Dr. L. Steve Thornburg, President

6. Minutes of November 12, 2013 [Exhibit A]* [ACTION] - Chairman Bailey

7. Budget Summary [Exhibit B]* - Tommy Greene, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

8. Items Sold By Electronic Auction [Exhibit C]* - Mr. Greene

9. Campaign for the Future of Cleveland Community College - Mr. Holbrook

10. Title III Grant Summary (Student Success Center) [Exhibit D]* - Dr. Shannon Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Development and Amy Davis, Student Success Center Director

11. Presentation to Joint Legislative Oversight Committee for Economic Development [Exhibit E]* - Dr. Thornburg

12. Personnel Committee - Ellis Monroe, Chairman, Personnel Committee

13. Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) Ethics Training New and Reappointed Trustee Training - Cindy Hoyle, Secretary to the President

14. Student Government Association - Jonathan “Jay” Miller President of Student Government Association

15. Closed Session - Personnel Issues - Ellis Monroe, Chairman, Personnel Committee

16. President's Report [Exhibit F] - Dr. Thornburg

17. Other Business - Chairman Bailey

18. Adjournment - Chairman Bailey