September 13, 2016

September 13, 2016
12:00 p.m.
Schenck Board Room

Call to Order - Chairman Ellis P. Monroe

Invocation - Dr. Shannon Kennedy, Executive Vice President

Conflict of Interest Statement - Chairman Monroe

Swearing in of New Trustees - Lisa Phillips, Cleveland County Assistant Clerk of Court

Approval of Minutes from May 10, 2016 [Exhibit A]* [ACTION] - Chairman Monroe

Introduction of New Faculty and Staff - Dr. L. Steve Thornburg, President

Report of the Nominating Committee and Election of Board Officers [ACTION] - Ronnie Hawkins Chairman, Nominating Committee

2015-2016 Budget Summary [Exhibit B]* - Dr. Kennedy

Budget Summary, July 31, 2016 [Exhibit C]* - Dr. Kennedy

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) [Exhibit D]* - Dr. Kennedy

2016-2017 Budget [Exhibit E]* [ACTION] - Dr. Kennedy

United Way Campaign Incentives [Exhibit F]* [ACTION] - Dr. Kennedy

Summer Enrollment Report – Curriculum - Dr. Kennedy

Preliminary Fall Enrollment Report - Curriculum - Dr. Kennedy

Student Services Reorganization [Exhibits G-1 and G-2]* [ACTION] - Dr. Kennedy

Course and Program Fees for Continuing Education and Curriculum [Exhibit H]* [ACTION] - Dr. Kennedy

Designer Recommendation for Project No. 2153 [ACTION] - Dr. Kennedy

NCCCS 3-1 Project No. 2211 [Exhibit I]* [ACTION] - Dr. Kennedy

Process to Select Designer for Project No. 2211 [ACTION] - Dr. Thornburg

Campaign for the Future of Cleveland Community College - Eddie Holbrook, Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations

Proposed Changes to Bylaws [Exhibit J]* [ACTION] - Mr. Monroe

Resolution of Appreciation for Patsy Rose [Exhibit K]* [ACTION] - Mr. Monroe

Student Government Association - Emmanuel Wallace, President, Student Government Association

President's Report [Exhibit L]* - Dr. Thornburg

Up-dates: - Chairman

Other Business - Chairman

Adjournment - Chairman