May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017
12:00 p.m.
Schenck Board Room

1. Call to Order Vice Chairman Greg Melton

2. Invocation - Eddie Holbrook, Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations

3. Ethics Awareness and Identification of Conflicts of Interest - Vice Chairman Greg Melton

4. Public Comment - Vice Chairman Greg Melton

5. Swearing in of New Trustees - Mitzi Johnson, Cleveland County Clerk of Court

6. Minutes of May 9, 2017 [ACTION] [Exhibit A]* - Vice Chairman Melton

7. Introduction of 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award and 2017 Outstanding Staff Member Award Winners - Dr. Thornburg, President

8. Recommendation of the Board Special Committee - Allen Langley

9. Course and Program Fees for Continuing Education and Curriculum [ACTION] [Exhibit B]* - Dr. Kennedy,Executive Vice President

10. Housekeeping Bids [ACTION] [Exhibit C]* - Dr. Kennedy

11. Food Services Bids [ACTION] [Exhibit D]* - Dr. Kennedy

12. New Program: Early Childhood Preschool Certificate [ACTION] [Exhibit E]* - Dr. Kennedy

13. cccAlert Update (Punch Alert) - Dr. Kennedy

14. Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution [ACTION] [Exhibit F]* - Dr. Kennedy

15. Development and Governmental Relations Update Eddie Holbrook, Senior Dean, Development and Governmental Relations

16. Approval of President’s Travel [ACTION] [Exhibit G]* Dr. Thornburg

17. Recommendations for Employment (2017-2018) [ACTION] [Exhibit H] - Dr. Thornburg

18. Student Government Association - Erik Ayala-Cuevas, President, Student Government Association

19. Trustees’ Future Meeting Schedule [ACTION] [Exhibit I and Exhibit J]* - Dr. Thornburg

20. President's Report [Exhibit K]* - Dr. Thornburg

21. Other Business - Vice Chairman Melton

22. Closed Session – Personnel Issues - Vice Chairman Melton

23. Adjournment - Vice Chairman Melton

[ * Information electronically available in advance of the meeting.]