About the Student Success Center at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Student Success Center Staff Members

About the Student Success Center

Our Mission

The Student Success Center supports the mission of Cleveland Community College, in its commitment to provide diverse and accessible learning opportunities to meet the educational needs of our community. The Center strives to empower the student by offering holistic, comprehensive services dedicated to enhancing the college experience, leading to increased personal and academic growth, and achievement of educational goals. Services for students include academic advising resources, career and college planning, tutoring, counseling, TRiO-SSS, Minority Male Mentoring, Student Government, and Clubs and Organizations. The placement testing and proctoring center for non-CCC courses is also located in the Student Success Center.


  1. Collaborate with students through the academic advising process to create meaningful academic plans congruent with students’ life and career goals.
  2. Provide counseling services to students to assist students coping with challenges.
  3. Provide career and college planning to aid students in their clarification of goals.
  4. Offer and encourage the use of tutoring services to strengthen student success.
  5. Provide updated, accurate educational and resource information to students.
  6. Provide placement testing services to determine academic recommendations and requirements.


Meet the Staff


Amy A. Davis

Dean of Student Success

Office: 704-669-4064

photo of Amy Davis

Jerret C. Fite

MMM Success Coach

Office: 704-669-4111

Photo of Jerret Fite

Dianne Greene

Testing Associate

Office: 704-669-4210

Photo of Dianne Greene

Kendra Haneline

PT Tutor Coordinator

Office: 704-669-4810

Photo of Kendra Haneline

Melody Heflin

Academic Advisor

Office: 704-669-4164

Photo of Melody Heflin


Student Success Center Office Assistant

Office: 704-669-4168


Derrick Wise

TRiO-SSS Counselor

Office: 704-669-4189

Wanda Lawrence

SGA Advisor

Office: 704-669-4034

Photo of Wanda Lawrence

Tyra Silvers, LPC


Office: 704-669-4169

Photo of Tyra Silvers



Betty Z. Taylor

TRiO-SSS Academic Advisor

Office: 704-669-4188

Photo of Betty Taylor

Annette Toms

TRiO-SSS Project Director

Office: 704-669-4186

Photo of Annette Toms