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Academic Advising at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Academic Advising

Spring 2018 Advising for Returning Students will begin on October 30, 2017. New student advising will begin on November 6 (for students who have completed New Student Orientation and admissions processes).


Are you beginning with us as a new student? If you haven't already done so, be sure you have applied for admission to the college and have either taken or have been exempted from the placement test if English or Math is in your program of study, and you have completed New Student Orientation.

Academic advising is an extremely important part of your student career at CCC and is integrated at all levels of your progress towards your degree, diploma or certificate with caring staff and faculty who want to see you succeed. Our goal is to see each of you walk across that stage for graduation!

Our Advising Center is staffed with professional advisors and success coaches who specialize in helping you with first-year course selection, degree planning and helping you make connections to our many college resources.

Am I assigned an academic advisor?

All students with less than 24 earned credit hours at CCC will be assigned to a professional success coach/advisor from the Advising Center, after which, students with 24 or more credit hours earned at CCC will be advised by an assigned faculty advisor from the student’s primary major/degree program. All Students who apply as Special Credit/Non-Degree Seeking (VISITING) students will be assigned to Kay Ray as their advisor. As students earn credit hours or change majors, assigned advisors change as well!

(Other Exceptions: Students enrolled in Cosmetology, Basic Law Enforcement Training, Fire Protection Technology, Officially accepted Nursing (ADN, LPN and Advanced Placement students), Officially accepted Radiography students, Officially accepted Surgical Technology students, Early College High School Students, and College and Career Promise Students will be advised by the appropriate department and not the Advising Center staff.)

Effective with summer 2017 registration and beyond, All students assigned to a staff advisor from the Advising Center will be required to be advised and approved prior to registration processes occurring. During this time, students will complete a semester plan. Advisors will assist in the planning of a student’s program.


Who is my academic advisor? Academic Advisor Directory

Advisor assignments are assigned weekly once a student has applied for admission. The assignment is based on the student's intended major or degree program. These assignments are located in your student MyCleveland account or in Aviso. If you do not have an assigned advisor, please visit the Advising Center and we will be sure to assign you an advisor.

Where is the Advising Center?

The Advising Center is located on the first floor of the Student Activities Center, Room 1148.

Hours of Operation


Do I need an appointment for advising?

Appointments are highly encouraged to ensure an advisor is available to meet with you and help you plan your program of study. W e highly suggest that you contact your advisor via email to inquire about making an appointment. Email addresses for all advisors are located on the Academic Advisor Directory and in your MyCleveland account. Due to the high volume of students and the quality of advising services, advising over the phone is not an option. Most advisors in the Advising Center offer a Calendly link for scheduling advising appointments. Click on the Academic Advisor Directory for these links.

When should I contact my advisor?

New students and some returning students will need to complete New Student Orientation prior to registration. You may contact your advisor at any time in the semester, but advising appointments should happen one to two months before registration for the next semester. Ideally, you should see your advisor at least once every fall and spring semester in order to plan upcoming semesters, verify your academic plan, and address any academic concerns or questions you may have. Not contacting your advisor, failing to keep appointments with your advisor, and not preparing for registration, are all examples of poor academic planning. Keeping up with academic advising and planning sessions with your advisor is just as important as keeping up with your school work!

What should I bring to my advising meeting?

When meeting with your advisor, you should identify a list of courses to take over the next semester or two. We want you to begin becoming familiar with the courses and requirements in your intended program of study. All College Transfer students should try to determine the university and the major you will consider for transfer prior to your advisor meeting. Visit our Virtual Transfer Center for great resources!

Isn’t advising and registration the same thing?

Registration is oftentimes confused with advising but advising and registration are not the same. Advising is degree planning and is what will make you certain to stay on track with your goals.

Registration is the act of signing up for classes in order to pay tuition and fees. (Students who register for classes must also pay for classes, typically on the same day. Students should verify that any financial aid or scholarships have been officially awarded before registering for classes.)

Anything else that can help me as I prepare for college at CCC?

The Student Guide to CCC introduces students to the resources, tools, and information available at Cleveland Community College. Much of the information in this guide is also found in the Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook. This Student Guide supplements the information already published; it does not take the place of it.

We look forward to helping you plan your academic journey!


Advising staff from left to right: Melody Heflin, Amy Davis, Kendra Haneline, Fran Musolino, Valerie Freeman, and Amy Dulin




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