Academic Advising Resources at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Academic Advising Resources

Academic advisement at Cleveland Community College is a comprehensive process that includes trained academic advisors, counselors, staff, and faculty members who are here to assist all students with their educational plans.  Students are assigned an academic advisor after declaring a major, or program of study, including those enrolled in a pre-Allied Health program.  Assigned advisor contact information is found in each student’s MyCleveland account or you can access the directory here.

An academic advisor assists in the selection of courses intended for your specific major.  In addition, the Student Success Center provides students with a variety of academic planning and advisement tools.

a student with their advisor

Isn’t advising and registration the same thing?  Registration is oftentimes confused with advising.  Advising and Registration are not the same. Ideally, you should see your advisor every fall and spring semester to plan upcoming semesters and address any academic concerns.  Advising appointments should happen one to two months before registration for the next semester.  When meeting with your advisor, you should identify a list of courses to take over the next semester or two. When registration periods come around, you’ll already know what courses you need to sign up for.

Registration is the act of signing up for classes; Advising during this time is very limited. To get the most value from advising, schedule an appointment with your advisor well before any registration periods.   Not contacting your advisor, failing to keep appointments with your advisor, and not preparing for registration, are all examples of poor academic planning.  Keeping up with academic advising and planning sessions with your advisor is just as important as keeping up with your school work!  

The Student Guide to CCC introduces students to the resources, tools, and information available at Cleveland Community College. Much of the information in this guide is also found in the Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook. This Student Guide supplements the information already published; it does not take the place of it.

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