Articulated Credit at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Articulated Credit

Through local and state articulation agreements, qualified students may be able to transfer or "articulate" high school Career - Technical Education (CTE) credits to Cleveland Community College through the Articulated Credit program.

Articulation is a systematic, seamless student transition process from secondary to postsecondary education that maximizes use of resources and minimizes content duplication. Students will make a seamless transition of identified courses from secondary to postsecondary education. The following criteria will be used to award college credit for identified high school courses:

  1. Student must enroll in a member institution of the NCCCS authorized to offer the applicable college courses within two years of their high school graduation. 
  2. High School Career Development Counselor or designee must submit Articulated Credit Approval form to Student Services for processing.
  3. Student must submit an official secondary transcript to determine the college credit to be awarded.
  4. Student must receive a grade of "B" or higher in the course.
  5. Student must be "proficient" in the course by receiving a Level II on the Career Technical Education course post-assessment or receive national certification from the National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER). This requirement will not apply when the course post-assessment is a "state field test" from the NC Department of Public Instruction.

To receive articulated credit, students must enroll at the community college within two years of their high school graduation date.
For a list of courses eligible for articulation, please click here.

For more information, contact your high school guidance counselor or the college representative listed below:
Cornelius Logan
Admissions Counselor
Student Services

Information for high school CTE counselors and instructors: Please see the CCC Articulated Credit Approval Form.

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