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Brown ETC Facilities

Brown Emergency Training Center

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Mailing Address:
137 South Post Road
Shelby, NC 28152

Physical Address:
2423 Kings Road Ext.
Shelby, NC 28152

Phone: 704-669-4193
Fax: 704-669-2506
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Brown ETC Facilities

Fire 1

Burn Building:

The burn building is a 2 story large residential type structure that allows for many evolutions on both floors as well as a basement that can make the building simulate 3 stories. We use a combination of Class A materials (straw and pallets) and a state of the art Symtron propane fired burn simulator that includes a multi operational flashover simulator. The building features full interior and exterior stairways, block and concrete construction, multiple ventilation fans, chop out doors hinged on heavy duty steel, heavy duty steel windows, dry pipe standpipe system on each floor, hydrants front and rear with a FDC in place.

Tower Building:

The tower building is a 4 story high rise training tower that has many unique props. The building has a completely enclosed interior stairwell with the ability to close off each floor separately to enhance ventilation training. The first floor features 3 entanglement drills, and a Denver drill. The second floor feature a garden apartment style multi-use stud wall layout. The walls are pinned and can be moved to change the floor plan. Also, an attic simulator is in place. This floor is attractive to fire, EMS and law enforcement due to it’s flexibility. The second floor also features an exterior balcony on the outside of the building. The third floor features a large open space to be customized by the user depending on their needs. The fourth floor features the same open space as well as a full stair to access the roof.

The roof features multi point anchor and tie offs to allow for rappelling from any and all sides. Also featured is a parapet wall around the roof to enhance the rappel or the basket rescue…..however, new rescuers never fear we also have a walkout area to allow for the rappel without the parapet being used.

The Roof features a hatch that simulates a confined space that extends through all floors down to the ground level. The drills can utilize each floor separately or go the whole way down. Between the second and third floors there is a steel pipe simulator that gives the effect of a well of confined space.

The tower building also features a wet standpipe system with connection on each floor.

Classroom Building:

The classroom building is a multi purpose training area that features 4 large classrooms that each accommodate up to 40 people, 4 staff offices, restrooms, break room, instructor library as well as multiple storage areas. The classrooms all have wireless technology capability, LCD projectors that are ceiling mounted, DVD and VHS players in place. Each classroom utilizes Smart Boards along with dual screens for easier viewing from across the room.

Draft Tank

The draft tank is a 28,500 gallon underground static tank that is used for service testing pumps. The draft site allows for drafting from either side or both for larger GPM flows. The tank, when empty also serves as an excellent confined space training prop. Safety railing is in place on all sides to enhance safety.

Rescue Specialty Areas:

  • Structural Collapse – use the description there now for Rescue Tech SC
  • Confined Space – We have multiple areas inside, outside above and below ground for CSR training. This includes a well rescue simulator, many confidence pipe and tunnel crawls, etc.
  • Trench – For all these courses we dig trenches at an area off site to allow a very realistic training scenario.
  • Vehicle Extrication – We have an area for light and heavy vehicle extrication along with a cement truck and school bus prop.
  • Wilderness – We utilize areas in the county for all aspects of wilderness to include searches, overnight and river search areas.
  • Agricultural Rescue – We have a compliment of props for this course such as a combine, bush hog, PTO shafts, etc for a real world course in all areas of Ag Rescue. We also tour Case Farms and utilize local working farms for more detailed scenarios.
  • Water Rescue – CCC utilizes local water bodies such as Moss Lake, Broad River as well as trips to the Nantahala River to give the student the full experience with all types of still and moving water.

For all Rescue Specialty areas we have a full complement of equipment for teaching so that each student is exposed to the all types of equipment available for the field.

Burn Pits:

This area is used for burning vehicles and pallets for live fire training as well as fire extinguisher training areas. We have a forklift fire, vehicle fire and extinguisher fire station in place at this time. We have multiple other propane props such as a Christmas Tree, Propane Tank, Electrical Transformer, Split Flange, etc. All these burn liquid and vapor propane.

Other training areas:

There are many other areas of the site that are used for training such as a hazardous materials damming and diking area, roof ventilation simulator, and others. If you have a particular need call us so we can design areas that will accommodate your needs.

Contact Us:
Jimmy Hensley
Brown ETC Coordinator
(704) 669-4192
Tommy McNeilly
EMS Coordinator
(704) 669-4194
Roberta Van Dyke
Brown ETC Office Assistant
(704) 669-4193
Teresa Lail
Brown ETC Office Assistant
(704) 669-4195
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