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Aircraft Simulator Aircraft Rescue brochure

If you are in the fire and rescue business, it is very likely that you will experience an aircraft tragedy in your response area. Gaining the understanding of every aspect of aircraft fire and rescue will be invaluable to the members of your department as well as those involved in the incident.

Allow your local Fire and Rescue Departments to train on an actual, mobile 12-passenger aircraft fire and rescue simulator.

The CCC Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Simulator provides the training needed to effectively deal with all aspects of an aircraft incident.

You can train at the Brown Emergency Training Center or WE CAN BRING THE AIRCRAFT TO YOU!

Training begins with a classroom session familiarizing students with all aspects of aircraft rescue Firefighting, utilizing modern technology along with the knowledge and experience of our instructors.

  • Training consists of realistic crash conditions using an actual aircraft. Rescue situations involve fire and smoke as well as the difficulties associated with removal of injured passengers and crew from a downed aircraft.
  • The Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Simulator can be configured differently providing demonstrations of numerous emergency conditions. Incidents including actual crash conditions, rescue missions, victim extrication, fuel fires, fuel spills, and many other conditions can be simulated for effective training.
  • The utilization of an actual aircraft provides insight into the structural features, locations of the various components, and the limited.

This 12-passenger aircraft represents the size of aircraft usually associated with regional airports. Practice of coordination with multi-department response could prove invaluable in improving overall fire ground skills and activities, as well as strengthening mutual aid relations.

The CCC Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Simulator allows the unit to be readily moved from one location to another for extended training with surrounding area departments.

The International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Certified ARFF instructors at CCC are dedicated to bringing the latest and most up-to-date Aircraft Rescue Firefighting information to your Department.

Schedule your opportunity to experience this unique and realistic fire training by calling:

Brown Emergency Training Center

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Flashover Simulator Aircraft Rescue brochure

Schedule your opportunity to experience this unique and realistic fire training today!

You can train at the Brown Emergency Training Center or WE CAN BRING THE FLASHOVER SIMULATOR TO YOU!

The Brown Emergency Training Center Flashover Simulator is a must when it comes to training for anyone involved in fire rescue. The Flashover Simulator allows participants not only to observe, but also participate in how fire develops and grows during the dangerous flashover stage.

During a Simulator experience you will discover how ventilation and hose streams control a flashover , recognize these situations , and most importantly know when it is time to evacuate a structure before it is too late. There is absolutely no better way to observe fire behavior and the events that lead up to a flashover phenomenon than in a controlled setting. The Flashover Simulator allows you to create these conditions time and time again until your fire department personnel all feel confident with knowledge and skills necessary in dealing with a flashover situation.

CCC’s Flashover Simulator brings training to you by offering a wide variety of training opportunities including:

  • Fire and Rescue School Training
  • Survival School Training
  • Supplemental Training to other Live Fire Exercises
  • Industrial Brigade Training

Please contact us with questions or to schedule your training!

flashover inside building   flashover setting

Agricultural Rescue

Ag TrailerNorth Carolina has nearly 50,000 farms with 87% of those farms operated by families or individuals. The average age of principal operators is 58.9.[1] These operations rely on agricultural machinery and technology to ensure the production and distribution of crops, livestock, dairy, and poultry goods.

When machinery and technology fail, or the operator experiences a tragic event, it is imperative for other farm operators, family members, or rescue and fire personnel to be ready to respond.

The Agricultural Rescue course is a component of the NC Fire and Rescue Commission Technical Rescuer (TR) certification. The class presents the Technical Rescuer with the elements that come into play at agricultural machinery rescue incidents. Pre-planning, site-surveys, incident plans and size up will be covered. Design features of various pieces of farm equipment will be discussed. Upon completion, the Technical Rescuer will have practical skills for correctly gaining access to, stabilizing the environment, the machinery, and the patient; as well as packaging and removing the patient from an agricultural rescue incident.

Consider this course for yourself if you own, operate, or work on a farm. Fire and Rescue Departments can participate in this course to satisfy TR certification. You will likely experience an agricultural machinery tragedy in your response area. Every participant will have the opportunity to train on agricultural machinery with real-world scenarios.

The CCC Agricultural Machinery Rescue Training course provides the training needed to effectively deal with all aspects of an agricultural machinery rescue event.

You can train at the Brown Emergency Training Center or WE CAN BRING THE AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY TO YOU! This traveling class opportunity is made possible by a grant from the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.

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Schedule your opportunity to experience this unique and realistic training by calling:

Jimmy Hensley │704-669-4192 │

Roberta Van Dyke │704-669-4193 │


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1. NC Agricultural Statistics, 2015.

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