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cccAlert Emergency Notification System for Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

cccAlert Emergency Notification

cccAlert is a service offered by CCC which communicates in multiple ways with students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors, local residents, parents, and the news media. The College’s goal is to provide a timely notification of a confirmed emergency situation and to provide instructions for taking action, if needed. In an emergency, the College’s priority is the safety of the campus.


Emergency Warning - An EMERGENCY WARNING is issued if there is an imminent, life-threatening emergency such as a tornado warning issued for Shelby, a major chemical spill, or an armed or dangerous person on campus. The emergency sirens will sound to alert people to act immediately. cccAlert will inform the campus as to the nature of the emergency.

Action Steps

  1. Siren sounds.
  2. Go inside and take cover immediately.

    For an armed and dangerous person in your building, evacuate to a nearby building if you can do so safely. If you cannot safely evacuate, stay in your classroom, shut and lock/barricade the door, turn off lights, and be quiet. Stay away from windows, silence cells phones, and spread out. If you’re confronted by the armed or dangerous person, do whatever you can to protect yourself.

    For a tornado warning, move to an interior room on the lowest possible floor and avoid windows.

  3. Stay secure until cccAlert notification that all is clear.



Fire - A FIRE ALARM is issued in the event of a fire. The fire alarm will sound indicating the need to evacuate the building.

Action Steps

  1. Fire alarm sounds.
  2. Evacuate and move away from the building. Be sure and move far away from the building and allow firefighters access.
  3. Remain out of the building until cccAlert notification that all is clear.



An INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE is issued if a situation is not an emergency and does not pose an immediate threat but is of significant interest to the campus. These messages are intended to inform people of a particular situation. Examples include inclement weather notifications and important announcements regarding events critical to the operation of CCC.



In an emergency situation, CCC will post safety-related announcements through cccAlert and

REMEMBER, it may take time for authorities to investigate the situation, verify the facts, and provide the campus with instructions or updates. Do not call 911 or security for general information.

ALARM TESTING: An “Informational Message” will be sent via cccAlert prior to alarm testing.

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How cccAlert Works

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