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Graduation Ceremony Information

Graduation Ceremony Information

Commencement, or Graduation, is a time that Fall, Spring & Summer graduates and potential graduates are recognized. We currently have one commencement ceremony which is in May. Participation in Commencement does not indicate you have actually earned a degree, diploma or certificate. Only an official transcript serves as documentation that a degree, diploma or certificate has been awarded.

Graduates and potential graduates, who submit graduation applications by the deadline, will be notified in mid-April with specific instructions for the ceremony. Please read all graduation information carefully.

Graduation Instructions

  1. On Graduation night, arrive at Cleveland promptly at 5:30PM and report to Student Activities Center (SAC). Only graduates will be allowed in the SAC. No graduates will be allowed to enter the SAC after 6:30PM. All family members and friends should go directly to the amphitheater. - - In the event of rain, the ceremony will be moved to Malcolm Brown Auditorium at Shelby High School. All graduates report to the Shelby High School gym at 5:30PM. No graduates will be allowed to enter the gym after 6:30PM. Due to limited seating, you have 3 guest tickets (that must be picked up in Student Services during the designated time) for use at the ceremony if we move to Malcolm Brown Auditorium. Any guest without a ticket will not be admitted to the ceremony at Malcolm Brown Auditorium.
  2. All bathroom visits, personal hygiene and dressing issues “caps and gowns” must be completed prior to 6:30PM.
  3. As you arrive, please report to the Graduation Check-in table in the SAC to receive your graduation card.
  4. We march in at 7:00PM as the Processional is played. You will follow the stage dignitaries and faculty as you march into the Amphitheater. A marshall or Cleveland employee will direct you in filling up seats or rows.
  5. Males remove your cap when the student goes to microphone for the invocation. Keep the cap off until presentation of degrees/diplomas/certificates.
  6. For the presentation of degrees, one row at a time will stand and proceed to the stage. You accept your congratulatory scroll and return to your seat.
  7. Dr. Aiken will ask all graduates to stand as a group to have degree/diploma/certificate conferred. You will then be seated and Dr. Aiken will make his closing remarks. Graduates will stand together and march out as the Recessional is played. You will follow the Cleveland representative as you march out of the Amphitheater. You must march all the way to the SAC in order to avoid congestion.

Notes to remember for graduation night:

  1. Remember that graduation is a time when your family is proud of your accomplishments. March in slowly so that they can see you.
  2. Men should wear white shirts, dark ties, dark shoes and dark socks. No jeans, boots, tennis shoes, flip flops or hats.
  3. Women should wear dresses, skirts or dressy pants and dark shoes. No tennis shoes or flip flops.
  4. No cell phones will be permitted.
  5. Your tassel should be worn on the right side of your cap at all times. Use a straight pin to hold your tassel in place.
  6. Students must notify Student Services if they, and/or guests need special assistance during the graduation ceremony.
  7. Please leave all personal items with family members/guests before entering the SAC. Any items left unattended in the SAC will be discarded.

Cap, gown and tassel package can be purchased from the College Store. If you already have a black cap and gown from a previous ceremony, you may purchase a tassel only. The College Store also has announcements, souvenir tassels and diploma frames available for purchase.

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