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Financial Aid - Childcare Programs

Childcare Program

North Carolina Childcare Assistance Program

This program is available to eligible students who demonstrate exceptional financial need. It will assist in paying childcare funds for students who must have their child(ren) in childcare in order to attend college. Click here for an application for this program or pick up an application in the Financial Aid Office.

The maximum award for the Childcare Assistance Program is $80 per week. Childcare funds can either be paid to the day care or the student (if the student provides documentation of payment to the day care). Payment is made on a monthly basis and is always deferred one month.

Selection for Childcare Grant is based on:

Student Expectations:

Information for Childcare Providers

Any questions regarding Childcare Assistance should be directed to Deborah Young by phone at 704-669-4039 or email

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