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Accessibility Commonly Requested Accommodations

Commonly Requested Accommodations

*Services may only be provided upon submission of appropriate documentation to the Coordinator of Disability Services.

Interpreter Services

Interpreters are provided through the Coordinator of Disability Services for deaf and hard of hearing students who request such services. Interpreter assignments are made as early as possible before the term begins. When scheduling, the goal is to match the needs of the student and situation to the skills and preferences of the interpreters. At any time, if a student or interpreter believes a mismatch has occurred, he/she is encouraged to discuss it with a Coordinator of Disability Services. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Coordinator of Disability Services immediately of any schedule changes that are made after the term begins. Any additional interpreter service needs (i.e., interpreter service needs other than regularly scheduled classes) must be requested by the student.

Cleveland Community College (CCC) will ensure students with a hearing impairment have an equal opportunity to work, learn, and receive accommodations, including auxiliary aids and services. Interpreters are evaluated by a panel, which includes an audition, to ensure students receive a qualified interpreter. Interpreters are also evaluated during the semester. Qualified interpreters at CCC must demonstrate proficiency in both English and ASL and must interpret “effectively, accurately, and impartially, both receptively and expressively, using any necessary specialized vocabulary” ( If a qualified interpreter is not identified through the evaluation process, CCC will contract with an outside agency.

Note Taker Services

Note takers are provided for students whose disability prevents them from adequately taking notes in class. This determination is made based on documentation of the student's disability.
Students have the option of soliciting their own note taker from other students enrolled in the class or seeking assistance from faculty in identifying a note taker.

Scribe Services

Scribe services are provided in class for students whose documented disability severely limits their ability to write or type. The role of the scribe is to write for the student during tests and in-class assignments, and/or to take notes for the student during the regular classroom sessions. Scribes are not enrolled in the same class as the student with the disability, and should not participate in the classroom discussions or assignments.

Textbooks on Tape

Students, who have documentation that supports the need for taped texts, may request textbooks on tape from the Coordinator of Disability Services, who maintains an institutional membership to RFB&D (Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic). Recorded texts loaned from RFB&D are free of charge to students who have purchased textbooks in the CCC College Book Store. It is the students' responsibility to request books on tape and to provide necessary information needed to order the books. Tape players can be checked out in the library on a first come first served basis.


Reader services are provided for blind, visually impaired and students with learning disabilities whose documentation supports this service. Readers record text, course material, and tests onto audiotape. They may also accompany students to class or read aloud to students depending on documented needs. Reader services are coordinated by the Coordinator of Disability Services.

Preferential Seating

It is important for some students to sit in the front row and near the instructor. Front row seating generally limits distractions and allows opportunity for frequent eye contact with the instructor.

Testing Modifications

Extended time for tests: Some students require extra time to process information and to formulate responses. Testing outside the classroom: Students who are easily distracted and have concentration problems need a quiet space for testing. Others need a separate space to talk through their answers out loud.

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