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Corporate & Customized Training

Customized Industry Training

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Customized Training

We provide education, training and support services for new, expanding and existing business and industry in Cleveland County. Our goal is to foster and support your company’s well-being in three key areas:

Our Customized Training Program is designed to make a difference in your bottom line, whether your organization is creating jobs, investing in new machinery and equipment, or streamlining processes for efficiency.

Broad Training Capabilities

Our services range from:

  • Pre-employment training and assessment
  • Safety, Continuous Improvement, and Leadership
  • Post-hire technical training
  • Critical soft skills training
  • Proprietary process and equipment training

Working together we identify your short-term and long-term training needs and design a customized training plan specific to your business.

Flexible and Responsive

In a rapidly changing global economy innovation means the difference between business success and failure and the skills industries require of their employees are evolving more rapidly than ever before.

We have the resources, expertise, and flexibility to provide the specific training your business needs when and where it is needed.

We understand the availability of a well-trained workforce is a critical consideration in your decision to locate, expand or remain in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Working with our economic and workforce development partners, Cleveland Community College can assist you through the initial recruitment, personalized screening and customized training processes. By preparing a workforce with the skills essential for success, we enhance your company's competitiveness.

Allow us to guide you through a customer-focused process with an end result of a qualified, motivated and productive workforce that will ensure both the initial and continued success of your organization.

Contact Charles Christenbury, Director of Corporate Training at 704-669-4182 today!

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