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Debbie Osteen Faculty Page

Debbie Osteen

Debbie Osteen

Title:  Psychology Instructor and Discipline Coordinator

Office:  5232, Bailey  Allied Health and Science Building

Phone:  704-669-4322


Professional Degrees:  B.A.  College of William and Mary

                                          M.A. School Psychology  Winthrop University

                                         S.S.P School Psychology    Winthrop University

Courses taught:            PSY 150:  General Psychology 

                                        PSY 281: Abnormal Psychology

                                        PSY 211: Psychology of Adjustment


What is psychology?

It is the scientific study of behaviors and mental processes. 


Psychology Video

Click the image to view this informative video!



“Learning is the eye of the mind.”  Thomas Drake, 1633

“I am still learning.”      Michelangelo, 1560, at age 85 

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