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Important Changes to

Effective Fall 2013, Cleveland Community College will be offering developmental English courses in a new way that will help accelerate student completion and increase the number of students who successfully complete developmental education and enroll in college-level courses. ENG 085/08A and ENG 095/095A will no longer be offered. The new prefix for developmental English is DRE.

All DRE courses will be offered in eight-week course sessions, with each course worth three credit hours. There are a total of three new DRE courses of integrated Reading and Writing. The number of DRE courses a student may need will be determined by two factors: successful completion of a former developmental English course and through placement test scores which indicate placement for a DRE course level.

If needed, students will be eligible and encouraged to register for up to two eight-week courses in a single semester, either DRE 096 and DRE 097, or DRE 097 and 098, or a combination of DRE 098 and ENG 111.

Grades for all DRE courses will be “P” (for Pass) or “R” (for Re-enroll) for students who do not reach the 80% mastery of the Student Learning Outcomes on major assessments such as tests, writing assignments, projects, portfolios, and presentations. DRE courses must be taken sequentially. Students cannot progress to the next course until they have successfully completed the previous module. For students with financial aid, DRE courses will count in hours attempted for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Successful completion of any previous ENG 085/085A or ENG 095/095A courses will be honored. Academic advisors and college staff will assist students in the proper placement of any required DRE course using a crosswalk chart. Students may also find out more information about DRE course modules, placement, and crosswalk charts by visiting

New DRE Courses
DRE 096 Integrated Reading and Writing I
DRE 097 Integrated Reading and Writing II
DRE 098 Integrated Reading and Writing III

Thursday, July 3, 2014 12:40:29 PM