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Accessibility Documentation Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation must be provided from an appropriately licensed/certified professional and have enough information to establish the student's status as a person with a disability as well as establishing the need for any requested accommodations, including those associated with placement testing.  In most cases, the documentation should be no older than three years.  An Individualized Education Plan is not considered acceptable documentation

Documentation has two main purposes:

  1. to establish that an individual has a disability
  2. to describe and document the functional impact of the disability for use in establishing the need for and design of accommodations

CCC requires that you provide documentation prepared by an appropriate professional (i.e. Medical doctor, psychologist, or other related diagnostician.).

Documentation should include the following:

  1. The credentials of the professional evaluator.
  2. A diagnostic statement identifying the current disability and the date of the diagnosis (should be within 3 years)
  3. A description of the diagnostic methodology used (how was the diagnosis reached.)
  4. A description of the student’s current functional limitations.
  5. A description of the expected progression or stability of the disability.
  6. A description of current and past accommodations, services and/or medications.
  7. Recommendations for accommodations, adaptive devices, assistive services.


Temporary Impairments

Some disabilities are temporary and may require accommodations for a limited time.  Each case is considered individually.  The following documentation is required:

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