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Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development

Continuing Education 2014 Summer Class Schedule

The Human Resources Development (HRD) program provides skill assessment services, employability skills training, and career development counseling to individuals in transition and the emerging workforce.   The courses taught in this program address six core components:

1. Assessment of an individual’s assets and limitations
2. Development of a positive self-concept
3. Development of employability skills
4. Development of communication skills
5. Development of problem-solving skills; and
6. Awareness of the impact on information technology in the workplace.

HRD Classes:

Success: Land Your Next Job

This course covers the personal competencies and qualities needed to project marketability for employment. Students will learn how to assess and profile their skills, aptitudes, training, and future career interests as well as establish a career action plan. The class will address interpersonal skills that teach them to effectively market themselves; creating a confident, and positive self-image.

Career Planning and Assessment

Develop a plan and move forward. This class offers employability skills training to enhance job search strategies for unemployed and underemployed adults.  The class is designed to provide information and readiness as it relates to career, employment, educational goals, personal development, career exploration and goal setting.

Career Readiness Lab

This course provides employability skills training for unemployed and underemployed adults. The curriculum framework addresses each of the six core HRD components. Instruction is designed to be self-directed and self-paced and structured on an open-entry, open-exit basis to meet the customized needs of individuals. Patrons can come for help with various career related projects: CRC skill-up training, self-assessments, job search, job listings, online applications, email usage, resume assistance and much more.

Utilizing Information Technology for Job Search

This class will review the importance of utilizing information technology skills in gaining employment. This course is designed to develop in each student a moderate level of comfort in computer usage. Students will develop a dynamic resume and learn how to upload their resumes to job search sites. In addition, other job search websites will be explored as well as training to help students prepare a job skills presentation and demonstration. Email and social media websites including Facebook and LinkedIn will be explored.

To find out more information and see if you qualify for a fee waiver, please contact Joyce Hosch, Coordinator, HRD Program at 704-669-4033 or email:

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