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iPad FAQs

iPad : Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to my iPad when I change my password through SecureAuth?

For a smooth password change, follow these directions:

How do I sync my iPad?

To sync your iPad, download and install the most recent version of iTunes ( and then connect the iPad via the USB cable to the computer. Please note that the computer you initially sync with should be one you have regular access to. You will only be able to sync your iPad with one computer without losing settings, and this computer should be readily accessible so that you can sync often (see question below).

How often and why should I sync my iPad?

It is important to sync your iPad regularly. You should sync your iPad once a month at the very least. Syncing your iPad backs up the apps, settings, bookmarks, books, contacts, calendars, and notes to your computer. Regular backups ensure that should you lose your device or should need to restore it for any reason you have a recent backup to restore to. Syncing your iPad also gives you the opportunity to update your software and firmware for the device. For directions on how to sync your iPad view the question above.

How do I connect my Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad?

This process should only have to be performed the first time. Turn the Bluetooth keyboard ON. From your iPad touch Settings. Touch General on the left and then touch Bluetooth on the right. Turn Bluetooth ON. You will know that Bluetooth is on because an icon will appear in the top right hand corner of the iPad screen, next to the battery indicator. This will be a light gray color when there are no devices connected to the iPad and it will be white when devices are connected. Wait for your “Apple Wireless Keyboard” to be discovered in the Devices list. When you see the “Apple Wireless Keyboard” touch it, you will be given a series of numbers to enter on the keyboard to verify and secure the connection. Type the series of numbers and press return on the keyboard to connect the two. From now on, when Bluetooth is turned on and the keyboard is on the two should connect automatically.

Setting up your email using an iPad

How can I close apps that are running in the background on my iPad?

Press the home (i.e. round button on iPad) button twice. This will display a carousel of all the background applications that are running. Swipe up on the displayed app to close it. This does not remove the app from your iPad it simply stops it from running in the background, at least until you open the app again. Note that swiping from left to right while the dock is showing will also show you brightness, volume controls, and iTunes controls.

My battery isn't holding a charge like it used to. What steps can I take to improve my battery life on my iPad?

There are several steps you can take to improve your battery life. The first thing you should do is take a moment to turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, Cellular Data, and/or Location Services (all found in Settings) if you aren't using them regularly. While connecting to Wifi takes less power than using 3G, both of these services are on by default and, along with Bluetooth and Location Services, will be constantly searching in the background as you move around, even if you aren't using your iPad. Typically I leave Bluetooth on during the week since I use my keyboard often, and I leave Wifi on always so I can connect both at work and at home, but if you are experiencing decreased battery life then these are definitely two areas that should help you see an improvement. You should also make an effort to keep apps closed out and not running in the background if you aren't using them. While the ability to have apps run in the background is great, they also continue to use battery to keep them open. See the above question to learn how to close out those apps and reserve battery.

What do the buttons on the iPad do?

For a brief over of iPad Hardware checkout the following PowerPoint (also available here):

How can I make my iPad rotate (or not rotate) automatically?

One of the iPad's most loved features is its ability to rotate based on the way you are holding it. There are times though, that you would prefer that it not rotate. From the iPad touch Settings and select General on the left. Scroll down on the right side until you see the section titled "Use Side Switch to:" and select Lock Rotation. Now the button/switch above the volume rocker on the side of the iPad will lock the rotation in the position it is in when the button is switched, you will know the screen rotation is locked by a visible icon in the top right hand corner of the iPad next to the battery indicator.

How can I open a PDF in iBooks for reviewing, storing, reading?

iBooks is a free ebook reading software created by Apple. This app can be downloaded for free in the App Store. Navigate to the PDF you would like to review, store, or read in iBooks. With the PDF open in Safari, touch anywhere within the PDF to show a small toolbar. In the top right hand corner select "Open In:" and choose iBooks from the list. This will automatically download and import the PDF into iBooks. The PDF will remain in iBooks until you delete it.

How do I get my textbooks as eBooks on my iPad?

Contact your textbook representative to see whether an eBook is available for your textbook. In most cases, you will have to download a specific app to view your textbook on the iPad.

How do I connect to CCC-Wireless on my iPad?

Directions for connecting to Wireless on this campus are available here.

Where can I find information about downloading and installing the iCloud Control Panel?

Information about downloading and installing the iCloud Control Panel can be found here.

My iPad seems to be having a problem. What steps should I take before contacting support?

Follow the directions in this FAQ for How do I sync my iPad and How can I close apps that are running in the background on my iPad. Also, press and hold the Power/Sleep button (on top right hand corner of physical device) for about 4 seconds and then swipe your finger to power off the device. Now press and hold the Power/Sleep button for a few seconds again - until the Apple logo appears - to restart. Unlike a desktop computer, restarting an iPad or iPhone won't close any of the apps that may be running in the background prior to the shutdown. You may however lose some unsaved work - like an email message that you were still writing before restarting the device. If you are still having problems, consider reading the last question in this list.

Who should I contact if I'm having problems with my iPad?

If you are unable to resolve your problem by reading any of the questions in this list, please submit a ticket in IssueTrak and select iPad/Mobile Device in the dropdown or visit the HelpDesk in the Rose Library.

How can I install another on-screen keyboard on my iPad?

See the document embedded below or here.