Changes to Developmental Math Courses!
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Changes to Developmental Math Courses

In Fall 2013, all NC Community Colleges began offering developmental math courses in a new way. The prefix for developmental math is DMA. DMA courses will be offered in four-week course modules with each module worth one credit hour in four weeks (except for DMA 065 which is worth two credit hours in eight weeks). The number of course modules a student will need will be determined by the college level math course required by the student's degree program or major.

If needed, students will be eligible to register for up to four math modules in a single semester for DMA 010-050. DMA 065 is an eight week course worth two credit hours.

Grades for all DMA course modules will be 'P' (for pass) or 'R' (for re-enroll) for students who do not reach the 80% mastery level. Course modules must be taken sequentially. Students cannot progress to the next course module until they have successfully completed the previous module.

For students with financial aid, DMA courses will count in hours attempted for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Successful completion of any previous MAT 060, 070, or 080 course will be honored. Academic advisors and college staff will assist students in proper placement of any required DMA course using a crosswalk chart. Students may also find out more information about DMA course modules, placement, and crosswalk charts by visiting the Student Services page at

DMA Course Modules
DMA 010 Operations with Integers
DMA 020 Fractions and Decimals
DMA 030 Proportions, Ratios, Rates, Percent
DMA 040 Expressions, Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities
DMA 050 Graphs and Equations of Lines
DMA 065 Algebra for Precalculus

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