New Student Orientation at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

New Student Orientation

All new students and families are strongly encouraged to participate in a free orientation program in order to promote adjustment to the educational programs and services of the College.

New Student Orientation goals:

  1. Provide students an overview of resources and services available
  2. Create a successful transition and integration into college
  3. Orient students to faculty, staff, and facilities
  4. Connect students to college policies and procedures

As a result of participating in Student Orientation, students will be able to:

  1. Identify opportunities related to student engagement
  2. Navigate the physical and online campus environment
  3. Connect with fellow students, faculty, and staff
  4. Understand the advising and registration processes
  5. Articulate the program requirements for their declared program of study
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of college expectations, policies, and procedures
  7. Identify and utilize student support services

New Student Orientation is free and provides important information needed to succeed at CCC. New Student Orientation is recommended for all CCC students. Please RSVP by clicking on the 'Book Now' button below. Choose from one of the following New Student Orientation sessions.

Saturday, July 23
11:00 AM, Jack Hunt Campus Center (Lunch Provided)

Tuesday, July 26
5:30 PM, Jack Hunt Campus Center (Dinner Provided)

Tuesday, August 2
11:00 AM, Jack Hunt Campus Center (Lunch Provided)

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