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Policies at Cleveland Community College


Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness is intended to help those students whose academic past at Cleveland Community College has prevented them from enrolling in good standing at Cleveland Community College. In some cases, the student may be better served by utilizing Cleveland Community College’s individual course repeat policy to retake a previous course for a higher grade, rather than invoking the overall academic forgiveness policy.  For more information on this policy, please refer to the Academic Regulations section of the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook.

Academic Probation & Suspension

Any student who falls below the specified minimum cumulative grade point average at the end of any term will be placed on academic probation for the following term. To be removed from probation, the student must attain the appropriate minimum cumulative grade point average by the end of the probation term; otherwise, the student will be suspended from taking curriculum classes for one term. Students may reenroll after having been suspended for one term.

Course Repeats

A student may repeat a course taken for credit or audit. A course may be taken a total of three (3) times for credit and/or audit. The appropriate academic dean must justify, in writing, any exception to this policy. The written justification will be placed in the student’s academic file in Student Services. Repeated courses will appear on the student’s transcript. Each grade will be shown on the transcript, but only the last grade (A, B, C, D, F) will be computed into the cumulative grade point average. Withdrawals are not counted as repeated courses.

Grade Appeals

Students have the right to ask an instructor for an explanation of any grade received. Students should be aware that establishing course requirements and assignments, evaluating a student’s work, and assigning a grade are the responsibility and the prerogative of the individual instructor. In the event the final grade received in a course was assigned in a manner inconsistent with the course syllabus, or was assigned using a method other than that used to compute other students’ grades in that course, the matter may be resolved through the grade appeal procedure. It should be noted, the student bears the burden of proving there are sufficient grounds for changing a grade.  For more information about the process for appealing a grade, please refer to Student Services section of the current Academic Bulleting & Student Handbook.

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