Programs of Study at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC
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Programs of Study

We offer academic and job training programs in response to the immediate needs of the local workforce including science, technology, engineering, and others. We also offer transfer programs for students planning to eventually attend a four-year university.

Associate in Arts
     Associate in Arts Degree

Associate in Fine Arts
     Associate in Fine Arts—Associate Degree

Associate in General Education
     Associate in General Education Degree

Associate in Science
     Associate in Science Degree

     Accounting—Associate Degree

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology 
     Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology—Diploma
     Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology—Certificate
     Heating Systems—Certificate

Allied Health
     Associate Degree Nursing
     Medical Assisting—Associates Degree
     Nursing Assistant I (Certified)—Certificate
     Nursing Assistant II (Certified)—Certificate
     Practical Nursing—Diploma
     Radiography—Associate Degree
     Surgical Technology—Diploma

Automation Engineering Technology
     Automation Engineering Technology—Associate Degree

     Biotechnology—Associate Degree
     Biotechnology-Allied Health—Diploma

Broadcasting and Production Technology 
     Broadcasting and Production Technology—Associate Degree
     Broadcasting and Production Technology—Diploma
     Broadcasting and Production Technology—Certificate

Business Administration 
     Business Administration—Associate Degree
     Business Administration—Certificate
     Business Administration-General Business—Certificate
     Banking and Finance—Associate Degree

Business Administration-Marketing and Retailing
     Business Administration-Marketing and Retailing—Associate Degree
     Business Administration-Marketing and Retailing—Diploma
     Business Administration-Marketing and Retailing—Certificate


Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology
     Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology—Diploma
     Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology—Certificate

Community Spanish Interpreter 
     Community Spanish Interpreter—Associate Degree

Computer Technology Integration 
     Data Management - Associate Degree
     Information and Support - Associate Degree
     Networking Technology - Associate Degree
     Information Systems Security - Associate Degree
     Web Technology - Associate Degree
     Data Management - Diploma
     Information and Support - Diploma
     Networking Technology - Diploma
     Information Systems Security - Diploma
     Web Technology - Diploma
     Data Administration - Certificate
     Data Technician I - Certificate
     Data Technician II - Certificate
     Information Technology Foundations - Certificate
     Cloud Computing & Green IT - Certificate
     Information Technology Business Administration - Certificate
     Hardware/Software - Certificate
     Microsoft® Networking - Certificate
     Network Administrator - Certificate
     Cisco Networking - Certificate
     Network Technician - Certificate
     Computer Science - Certificate
     Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures - Certificate
     Information Systems Security - Certificate
     UNIX/Linux Networking - Certificate
     Network Infrastructure Virtualization - Certificate
     Wireless Networking - Certificate
     Web Development & Design - Certificate
     Social Media - Certificate
     Web Specialist - Certificate

     Cosmetology Instructor—Certificate
     Esthetics Instructor—Certificate
     Esthetics Technology—Certificate
     Manicuring/Nail Technology—Certificate

Criminal Justice Technology 
     Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)—Certificate
     Criminal Justice Technology—Associate Degree
     Criminal Justice Technology—Diploma
     Criminal Justice—Certificate

Early Childhood Education 
     Early Childhood Education—Associate Degree
     Early Childhood Education—Diploma
     Early Childhood Education—Certificate
     Basic Child Care—Certificate
     Early Childhood Applications—Certificate
     Child Care Administration—Certificate
     Infant/Toddler Care—Certificate
     Teacher Associate—Certificate

Electrical/Electronics Technology 
     Electrical/Electronics Technology—Associate Degree
     Electrical/Electronics Technology—Diploma

Electronics Engineering Technology
     Electronics Engineering Technology—Associate Degree
     Electronics Engineering Technology—Diploma
     Basic Electronics—Certificate
     Digital Electronics—Certificate
     Industrial Electronics—Certificate

     Entrepreneurship—Associate Degree

Facility Maintenance Technology 
     Facility Maintenance Technology—Diploma
     Facility Maintenance - Air Conditioning—Certificate
     Facility Maintenance Electrical—Certificate

Fire Protection Technology 
     Fire Protection Technology—Associate Degree
     Fire Protection Technology—Certificate
     Industrial Fire Safety Specialist—Certificate

General Occupational Technology
     General Occupational Technology—Associate Degree
     General Occupational Technology—Diploma

Industrial Management Technology
     Industrial Management Technology—Associate Degree
     Lean Manufacturing—Certificate
     Problem Solving—Certificate

Industrial Systems Technology 
     Industrial Systems Technology—Diploma

Lateral Entry Education Program 
     Lateral Entry Education Program—Certificate

Computer Integrated Machining
     Computer Integrated Machining—Diploma
     Computer Integrated Machining—Certificate
     Computer Numerical Control—Certificate

Mechanical Drafting Technology
     Mechanical Drafting Technology—Associate Degree
     Mechanical Drafting Technology—Diploma
     Mechanical Drafting Technology—Certificate
     Computer Aided Drafting—Certificate

Medical Office Administration
     Medical Office Administration—Associate Degree
     Medical Office Administration-Basic—Certificate
     Medical Office Administration-Intermediate—Certificate
     Medical Transcription—Diploma

Office Administration
     Office Administration—Associate Degree
     Office Administration—Diploma
     Office Administration-Basic—Certificate
     Office Administration-Intermediate—Certificate
     Office Administration-Legal—Associate Degree
     Office Administration-Legal—Diploma


School-Age Education
     School-Age Education—Associate Degree
     School-Age Care—Certificate
     Foundations of Teaching—Certificate
     Teacher Education—Certificate

Welding Technology
     Welding Technology—Diploma
     Welding Technology—Certificate
     Basic Welding—Certificate
     Gas Welding—Certificate
     GMAW (MIG)—Certificate
     GTAW (TIG)—Certificate
     SMAW (Stick)—Certificate
     SMAW (Pipe)—Certificate