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Returning Students at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Returning Students

A returning student is a former CCC Curriculum (For-Credit) student returning to school with plans to complete a degree, diploma, certificate, or 12 or more credits to transfer to another school.  Returning students entering an Allied Health program of study should click here.   How Do I Get Started?
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Any student who officially withdraws from the College and later wishes readmission should contact Student Services. Readmission conditions will depend upon the individual circumstances, but generally a student is eligible to return at such a time as an appropriate course schedule can be worked out. Students who wish to reapply to an Allied Health program must see the Allied Health Admissions Counselor. Students who qualify may be readmitted to the Practical Nursing or the Associate Degree Nursing program only once. Students returning to the College after a 5 year period must complete the admission process and resubmit high school and all other previously attended college transcripts upon return. Students who have been academically suspended may enroll again after a one-term absence. Allied health students who have been academically suspended must confer with the Allied Health Admissions Counselor.

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