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The Student Government Association at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Student Government Association

The SGA is a great way for students to get involved on campus and let their voice be heard. Getting more involved with the SGA by becoming an officer or senator provides students an opportunity to meet new people, gain leadership experience, learn about programs and services at the college and have FUN!   SGA Constitution and Bylaws
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Meet Your Officers
Keyona Allen-President
Keyona Allen
Ryan Adams-Vice President
Ryan Adams
Vice President
Jenna Clayton-Secretary
Jenna Clayton
Misty Clayton-Treasurer
Misty Clayton

All currently enrolled curriculum students are members of the SGA and they are represented by elected officers and selected senators. Students interested in becoming an officer or senator in the SGA should review the SGA Constitution and Bylaws before completing an Officer Application or Senator Application.

Welcome Back Students, Spring Fling, concerts and plays are just a few of the FREE activities hosted by the SGA throughout the year. Past performances and activities include Jabali Afrika, flag football and basketball tournaments. All students are encouraged to attend the FREE events sponsored by the SGA.

For more information about SGA contact Wanda Lawrence at 704-669-4034.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click the question to see the answer!)

  • What are the duties of an SGA Senator?
  • SGA senators serve as a liaison between the SGA and their fellow students. They bring ideas and issues to the SGA and attend all SGA meetings. They also assist in planning of SGA events and serve as volunteers at the events.
  • What are the benefits of becoming an SGA Senator?
  • SGA Senators have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and communication skills. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of responsibility. In addition to these skills, SGA Senators have an opportunity to work closely with faculty, staff and other students, building valuable relationships. Being an SGA Senator allows students to meet new people and have a lot of fun as well!
  • When are SGA meetings held?
  • Regular SGA meetings are held once a month, usually on Friday. Special meetings are called when necessary.
  • How often does the SGA hold events?
  • The SGA hosts various events throughout the fall and spring semesters. The number of events each month usually ranges from 1-3. Most events such as plays, concerts and game nights last for a couple of hours but some events such as Blood Drives and Spring Fling may last all day. There is a variety of day and evening events.
  • When can I become an SGA senator?
  • SGA senators are chosen each year at the beginning of fall semester. You should complete the Senator Application by the deadline indicated on the application to be considered.
  • How do I become an SGA senator?
  • If you are interested in becoming an SGA Senator you should complete the Senator Application by the deadline indicated on the application. Applicants may be contacted after the deadline for a personal interview.
  • If I am a new student in the spring semester do I have to wait until fall to apply?
  • Occasionally new senators are accepted to fill empty spots during the spring semester. Contact the SGA Advisor to inquire.

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