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Special Credit and Unclassified Students at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Special Credit/Unclassified Students

Special credit students are those who are enrolled for course credit but not in a curriculum leading to the diploma, certificate, or to the associate degree.  Students enrolled in this status will normally be required to meet the prerequisites for the course or to demonstrate a necessary level of competence.
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A special credit or unclassified student is defined as one of the following:

Note: Admission processes are the same for students pursuing a program of study and those not pursuing a program of study (special credit). The only difference is official high school transcripts are not required of special credit students. All other processes are the same.



I do not intend to enroll in a degree program. I applied as a Special Credit- NON-DEGREE seeking student. Do I still need to be advised?

If you have applied to CCC as a special credit-non-degree seeking student, you do not need to be officially advised for courses. (Please note that special credit students are NOT eligible to receive financial aid!) However, special credit students must still meet the prerequisite for the course. Course prerequisites are located in the Course Descriptions section of the Academic Bulletin. You will often meet these prerequisites by submitting official transcripts to the Student Services (Admissions Office) of CCC, reflecting that you have successfully completed the prerequisite course at a prior college or university. (For example, students may not enroll in BIO 112 without first successfully completing BIO 111.) Our Student Services staff can answer additional questions about how to provide evidence of prerequisite courses as well as questions about any transfer credit evaluations for you.

Once you have verified that you meet the necessary pre-requisite for the course, you may access MyCleveland and register for your course(s) online during the designated registration periods for new or returning students. We encourage all special credit students to register online in order to familiarize yourself with our online systems. If you have questions about obtaining your student ID number in order to set up your network accounts, please find your assigned student ID number on your official acceptance letter, or contact our Student Services department for assistance, 704-669-4081.

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