Starfish Early Alert
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Starfish Early Alert

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As part of the College’s continuing initiatives to increase student retention and success rates of students enrolled in our online courses, the Student Success Center implemented the Starfish® Early Alert System in August 2010. The ultimate goal of utilizing this alert system is to identify at-risk students as early as possible in the semester and direct them to appropriate support services such as counseling, tutoring, or advising. Starfish® is an early warning and student tracking system that is utilized in conjunction with Blackboard. Automatic “flags” are raised for students who have not logged into their Blackboard course(s) in 10 or more days. In addition, all instructors teaching online courses can manually “raise a flag” for issues such as: low grade concerns, online skills concerns, behavioral concerns, or personal concerns. (Starting in fall 2014, additional courses of 8 week DRE and 8 week ENG 111 courses will also be surveyed through Starfish.) Appropriate personnel in the Student Success Center are notified when a “flag” is raised, and the staff member will make every effort to communicate with the student. For questions about Starfish®, please contact the Student Success Center.

Need some help getting started? Checkout the Instructor Getting Started Guide for Starfish Early Alert.


Starfish Early Alert Progress Survey Dates for Fall 2015
Which courses? Survey opens at midnight

Survey closes at 11:00 pm

What week of class? Withdrawal/Audit Deadline date Note(s)
1st 8 week DRE courses only   8/31/15 9/4/15 Beginning of 3rd week 9/30/15 This would be their only survey
14 week online courses only  9/14/15  9/20/15 Beginning of 3rd week 11/17/15 1st of 2 surveys for these courses
1st 7 week online courses only 9/14/15  9/20/15 Beginning of 3rd week 10/8/15 This would be their only survey
2nd 8 week DRE and 2nd 8 week ENG 111 courses only 10/26/15 11/1/15 Beginning of 2nd week 11/30/15 This would be their only survey
14 week online courses only 10/12/15 10/18/15 Beginning of 9th week 11/17/15 2nd/final survey
2nd 7 week online courses only 11/2/15 11/8/15 Beginning of 3rd week 12/1/15 This would be their only survey

Thursday, June 4, 2015 10:26:30 AM