Tutoring at Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC
CCC’s new datacenter move will begin Oct. 1 at 8:30 p.m. and complete by Oct. 7.
During this time, access to all computer systems, including Blackboard, MyCleveland, Email, and the website, as well as the telephone system will be unavailable.
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Tutor Schedule (subject to available appointments)

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Tutoring is offered in fall and spring semesters only, by appointments and we will try to accommodate walk-ins as long as a tutor is available. Summer tutoring is done through Smarthinking.com (available in any Blackboard course under Course Tools)


Students must bring a completed Tutoring Referral Form, signed by their instructor, to the first appointment for each subject in which they are requesting tutoring. Tutoring services are not available to students without a Tutoring Referral Form on file. Online tutoring signup is not available without first submitting the Tutoring Referral Form by visiting the Student Success Center and then getting registered in our tutor database. Instructors can access a fillable Tutoring Referral Form by logging into the Faculty/Staff section of the webpage and clicking Employee Documentation and then Employee Forms.

Sign-up, reschedule, and cancel tutoring appointments from On Campus Access sign-up, reschedule, and cancel tutoring appointments Off Campus Access

 The Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is required to access the tutoring sign-up pages. It is recommended that you use the Firefox browser when accessing the tutoring sign-up pages. You will still need Silverlight.


Tutoring is...

  • a way to stay on top of your coursework.
  • a chance to improve your study skills.
  • offered in a variety of subjects, especially in English, Mathematics, Spanish, Accounting, and beginning Computer classes.
  • FREE to currently enrolled students!

Tutors will...

  • help you understand your assignments.
  • help you prepare for a test.
  • build up your confidence.
  • NOT do your homework for you.
students working with tutors in the Tutoring Center


Are you interested in becoming a tutor in the fall or spring semesters? If you have earned an Associate's degree or higher, use the Tutor Application. If you are a current student, please use the Peer Tutor Application.


Additional Resources for Tutoring- just a few sites you might want to explore further!
Smarthinking login directions- 1. Login to any Blackboard course. 2. Click Course Tools, then click Smarthinking. 3. If you have used Smarthinking before, enter your username and password, otherwise disable pop-up blockers and click skip.


Math Resources

Free Math Help

Algebra Help

Ask Dr. Math

Ask Mr. Calculus

Mathispower4u Tutorials

A great overall math review site is PurpleMath

Writing Resources

Basic Guide to Essay Writing

The OWL at Purdue/ A wonderful writing center site

Chemistry Resources


Test Anxiety

If you “freeze” during tests and miss questions when you know the answers, you might be suffering from test anxiety. Believe it or not, a little nervousness before a test can actually help you to perform better. The butterflies in your stomach are from extra adrenaline that can sharpen your awareness and keep you alert. However, if the tension is extreme, it can cause loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and poor performance on tests.

Ways You Can Offset Test Anxiety

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