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Wendy Westmoreland

Wendy Westmoreland

Spanish Instructor and Discipline Coordinator: Languages Office: 2155
Phone: 704-669-4114
Email: westmorelandw@clevelandcc.edu
2013-Present. Doctoral Candidate, Union Institute &University
1990 M.A.T Winthrop University, Spanish.
1987 B.A. University of South Carolina, English.

Courses Taught:
SPA 111/181—Elementary Spanish I and Lab
SPA 112/182—Elementary Spanish II and Lab
SPA 120—Spanish for the Workplace
SPA 141—Culture and Civilization of Spain
SPA 161—Cultural Immersion
SPA 211/281—Intermediate Spanish I and Lab
SPA 212/282—Intermediate Spanish II and Lab
SPA 215—Phonetics
SPA 221—Conversational Spanish
SPA 231—Reading and Composition
SPI 113—Intro to Interpreting
SPI 114—Analytical Skills for Interpreters
SPI 213—Review of Grammar
SPI 214—Introduction to Translation
WBL—Cooperative Work Experience

Class Syllabus: SPA 112 / SPA 182 - Spring 2015

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"Without language, one cannot hope to talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their history or savour their songs." - Nelson Mandela 1995

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