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Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness is intended to help those students whose academic past at Cleveland Community College has prevented them from enrolling in good standing at Cleveland Community College. In some cases, the student may be better served by utilizing Cleveland Community College’s individual course repeat policy to retake a previous course for a higher grade, rather than invoking the overall academic forgiveness policy.

If forgiveness is granted, all grades prior to a student’s re-enrollment will be excluded from the student’s GPA calculation for the requested courses and semesters. The forgiven classes will remain on the transcript with the original grade and a notation that Academic Forgiveness has been applied.

Conditions of Academic Forgiveness

  1. Academic Forgiveness may be available for any Cleveland Community College student who has experienced a lapse in enrollment at the College for a period of at least two calendar years and upon re-enrollment has earned and maintained at least 12 credit hours with grades of "C" or better. At least one course must be at the 101 level or above.
  2. The student’s cumulative grade point average must also be less than 2.00 in order to be considered for Academic Forgiveness.
  3. Students who wish to apply for Academic Forgiveness must do so by the end of the term, following the completion of 12 credit hours.
  4. Classes excluded from the GPA calculation under Academic Forgiveness will still count towards attempted classes for financial aid eligibility purposes.
  5. Other institutions will use their own policies for calculating the student’s GPA for admissions purposes. Other institutions’ policies may not acknowledge the application of Cleveland Community College’s Academic Forgiveness policy to course grades and GPA calculation.
  6. Courses taken during an Academic Forgiveness period count as hours earned toward graduation requirements and towards program GPA for graduation. Grades earned during the forgiveness period will not be calculated in the cumulative GPA; this includes grades of "A", "B", and "C".
  7. Academic Forgiveness may be granted only once and is not reversible.

Requesting Academic Forgiveness

  1. The student should complete the Academic Forgiveness Petition available in Student Services and submit the petition to Student Services by the end of the term, following the completion of 12 credit hours. The petition will be forwarded to the Academic Standing Committee for review. Recommendations for approval will be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Programs for final approval.
  2. The Academic Standing Committee will meet to review petitions following the term the petition was submitted.
  3. If forgiveness is approved, the petition will be forwarded to Student Services where the student’s transcript will have a notation that forgiveness was awarded.
  4. Student Services will notify the student through official College student email of the Committee’s decision by mid-term, following the term the petition was submitted.
  5. The decision of the Academic Standing Committee is final.