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C Cards (Student ID Cards)

All curriculum students (full-time and part-time) enrolled at CCC and taking classes on campus are required to obtain a student identification card (C Card) once their registration process is complete. The C Card is the official identification card of CCC. It is required for access to essential campus services, resources, and activities and serves as the student Library card. This card also serves as the identification badge for students enrolled in programs that have classes with a clinical component. The C Card offers an attached account which students use for all printing and copying from College equipment. Funds can be added to this account online and through a dispenser in the Rose Library.

C Cards are issued at the circulation desk in the Rose Library. To obtain the card the student must be currently enrolled and present a means of photographic identification. The first C Card is issued at no charge to the student. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for each reprint to replace lost or damaged cards. The name on the C Card must match the name contained in the official student record maintained by the College. The C Card photos are digitized and stored. CCC retains full rights to these photographs for use in administrative and identification functions.

The C Card photo should show the full face of the applicant, without hat, bandanas, or dark glasses (sunglasses). Head coverings may be permitted due to religious beliefs or medical reasons, provided the head covering does not obscure the face. Photographs of applicants wearing tribal, national costume, or other headgear not specifically religious in nature are not allowed. The head covering may not display any logo, insignia, symbol, regalia, word or words, letter, number, character, graphic design, or any combination thereof, other than the overall pattern of the fabric or material. Eyeglasses worn on a daily basis can be worn for the photo; however, there should be no reflection from the eyeglasses that obscure the eyes. The key requirement is that the photo clearly identifies the cardholder. Gestures are prohibited.

For verification purposes, all faculty and staff of the College may request to see the C Card at any time while on campus or at any off-campus activity sponsored by the College. Any student without a valid C Card in his or her possession will be asked to leave campus unless his or her purpose can be substantiated by a College official. The President, a College Vice President, and Campus Security have the authority to retrieve or cancel a C Card in the event of a disciplinary action by the College, such as suspension or dismissal, or in the event of misuse of the card, such as using the card for false identification.