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Credit by Examination

Students who can document their proficiencies in a subject area may request Credit by Examination. Students are allowed one opportunity to take the Credit by Examination for a College level credit course at the 100 or higher level. A student who has previously enrolled in the course is not eligible. Only full-time faculty who teach a given course or the discipline coordinator may award Credit by Examination for that course. The examination should meet all student learning outcomes for the course in which the student is seeking credit. A grade of "CE" will be awarded if a "C" or better is earned on the examination. The testing instructor’s decision is final. Any exceptions to these procedures must have prior approval by the Vice President of Academic Programs and Vice President of Student Services.

"CE" credit will contribute toward graduation requirements; however, the grade will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average. "CE" credit is not transferable and is not covered by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA).

A Student does not have to be registered for a course to receive a "CE" credit; however, a student already registered for a course for which they wish to exempt through Credit by Examination, will have the "CE" grade assigned to that course and no tuition refund will be given.

Students requesting Credit by Examination must use the following procedure:

  1. Students must be accepted to the program containing the course in which Credit by Examination is requested.
  2. Students must complete the Credit by Examination form with the appropriate instructor or discipline coordinator.
  3. The testing instructor or discipline coordinator will submit the form to the appropriate academic dean for further processing.
  4. Students may not receive Credit by Examination for more than 20% of the total number of credits required for the program.