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General Occupational Technology (AAS) A55280

The purpose of the General Occupational Technology (GOT) curriculum provides individuals with an opportunity to upgrade skills and earn an associate degree by completing courses suited for individual occupational interests and/or needs. Graduates will become more effective workers, better qualified for advancements within their field of employment, and become qualified for a wide range of entry-level and advanced employment opportunities. Any course approved by the North Carolina Community College System and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a core requirement will be accepted.

The following restrictions apply to the student pursuing the General Occupational Technology Associate Degree:

  1. Each student pursuing this degree must earn a minimum of 21 semester hours toward this degree. (These hours cannot be transferred from other earned degrees or other colleges.)
  2. Students pursuing this degree should declare their intentions by designing a course of study that would meet their specific goals. Students pursuing this degree are required to meet with the advisor and submit a plan of study for approval within the semester GOT is declared and every semester thereafter.