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Withdrawing from a Course

Students desiring to withdraw from a course(s) after the 10% point of the term should go to the Student Services Department to complete the official Student Withdrawal Form. Withdrawal with a grade of "W" will be allowed after the 10% point of the term and before the 75% point of the term or session. A standard term is sixteen weeks. A course(s) which was officially withdrawn from will show on a student’s transcript as a grade of "W."

Students who stop attending a course(s) and who are not officially withdrawn or whose absences exceed the allowed maximum during the last 25% of the term will receive a grade (A, B, C, D, F) for the course(s). Withdrawals by currently enrolled high school students require approval from the student's attending high school.

Students are responsible for completing the Student Withdrawal Form. Instructors are not obligated to withdraw students from their course(s). In order to guarantee a withdrawal has been accepted, students should check their MyCleveland account.