Institutional Effectiveness Plan

Cleveland Community College Mission Statement

Cleveland Community College provides diverse and accessible learning opportunities to meet the educational and training needs of our community.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees March 13, 2012
Reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees September 2, 2014
Reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees November 8, 2016

The first component of the plan consists of the review, revision, and approval of the College mission. This process takes place every three years and was most recently completed in November 2016. The College Planning Council begins the process of review and, if necessary, revision. After reaching a consensus, the Council votes to either reaffirm or revise the Mission. The Mission is then presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval. Because the Mission serves as the foundation around which all other planning takes place, this process plays a crucial role in determining the direction for the College.

The second component is the College’s strategic plan, Cleveland’s Continuous Improvement Plan for Student Success (CCIPSS), encompassing the purpose, goals, and objectives (outcomes) for the five units of the College. General Administration, Continuing Education, Student Services, Finance and Administrative Services, and Academic Programs, under the guidance of the Planning Council, formulate Unit Level Plans that, by design, directly support the College Mission. Collectively, the Unit Level Plans form the College’s strategic plan.

The third component is the College’s comprehensive program review cycle. The purpose of the program review is for instructional and administrative units to perform an internal review of the programs and services they are offering to students. This ensures course content and methodology, as well as student support services, meet the needs of students and the community. Program reviews are scheduled and completed over a four-year cycle. One-year follow-up reports are required to address any changes that might impact projections for program needs or future issues identified in the initial program review process. All instructional and service-related departments or disciplines participate in the program review process.

Assessment and evaluation of the CCC Institutional Climate Survey occurs annually as part of the program review cycle. The purpose of the survey is to gain an understanding of the organizational climate of the College. Results are shared with all full and part-time employees and are presented annually at a convocation. Survey results are analyzed by the Planning Council and the President’s Policy Council for discussion, possible future action, and/or incorporation into future strategic plans.

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