CCC, Global Skills Exchange Collaborate on Certification Program

CCC, Global Skills Exchange Collaborate on Certification Program

Cleveland Community College (CCC) announced today that it has collaborated with Global Skills Exchange (GSX) to assume ownership rights of its Mission Critical Operator and Mission Critical Professional certification programs. Under the new ownership, GSX will relaunch the entry-level certification program to a broader mission critical industry.

The certifications were developed as part of the efforts of the National Consortium for Mission Critical Operations (NCMCO) to build a comprehensive training and certification program for Mission Critical Operators.

“We built courses, curriculum programs and certifications to fill a skills gap in the mission critical space. The certifications allowed us to create an effective way to validate students’ skills against a benchmark created and approved by the industry,” said Jonathan Davis, chief information officer for CCC and project manager for the NCMCO. “Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) and Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP) individuals are recognized by the industry in our community and those holding certifications are more likely to be hired.”

“As a community college, our job is to develop programs and train our students in skills that are relevant to our local business community, enabling them to improve their overall employment status. We realized that maintaining the certifications were not something we were equipped to handle as a college, although these certifications are absolutely something we believe in and will continue to include in our curriculum.” Davis added. “We were happy to have found an organization such as GSX to become stewards of the work that we began.”

After researching the need for a new generation of skilled individuals as mission critical operators and finding ongoing support and adoption of these certifications within industries, taking ownership was a “no-brainer,” according to Dave Wilcox, president and CEO of GSX.

“We were happy to entertain discussions around taking ownership of the mission critical certifications with Cleveland Community College as they complement the work that we already do,” said Wilcox. “We’ve been creating workforce solutions for the past 17 years for corporate, government and academia, and as part of those solutions we have created and maintained many certification programs.”

“We look forward to continuing a relationship with CCC well into the future as we look to grow and expand the adoption of the certifications,” he added.


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