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Advanced Handgun Academy

  • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Course
  • Course Code: GUNADV-GUNADV
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-requisites: None
In Person
Fall, Spring, Summer

Students should already have a sound foundation in the use of a pistol. After a quick review of the fundamentals, the course will continue with advanced drills and move into timed stress events. The focus of this class will require students to have conceal carry holsters. Topics will include equipment setup, reloading, malfunctions, ready positions, shooting positions, close contact drills, shooting while moving, barricades, barrel sight relationship, and support side shooting. Most of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles. This class will also focus on tactics and techniques that apply to situations where you are in and around your vehicle. We will cover carry methods and how to draw while seat belted in your car. You will shoot from vehicles and learn how to fight your way out of and back into your car, truck, or van.

Class Requirements:

1. must have taken the Basic Handgun Class, equivalent, or have permission from the instructor to enroll

2. eye and ear protection, ball cap, or suitable headgear

3. conceal carry holster

4. minimum 1 magazine pouch - or method to carry spare magazine(s)

5. minimum of 3 serviceable magazines

6. 200 rounds of ammo (NO STEEL CORE ammo)

7. suitable range wear depending on the season

8. responsible for your own food and drinks during class