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Automotive Service Advising Academy

  • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Course
  • Credits:
  • Class Hours:
  • Course Code: MLS-392717
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-requisites: None
Fall, Spring

This course offers students the opportunity to earn workplace skills as an automotive service writer to obtain positions within tire and car repair shops or car dealerships. Topics that will be discussed and typical job duties of an automotive service writer include:

  • Greeting customers and asking them to explain the car issue
  • Writing up customer information
  • Communicating customer information to a technician
  • Inputting customer and vehicle information into a customer relationship management system and service database
  • Writing and tracking service work
  • Creating automotive work estimates by determining labor, supplies, and materials needed
  • Billing clients and managing work transactions
  • Responding to customer questions and communication during the service process

Students will understand their roles as front-line communicators and collaborators since they must work with multiple parties to ensure the job is completed successfully.