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Defensive Driving

  • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Course
  • Class Hours: 4
  • Course Code: CSP4-DDC4
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-requisites: None
In Person
Fall, Spring, Summer

The Defensive Driving 4-hour class is for individuals 20 years of age and older. If eligible, completion of the four-hour Defensive Driving class could prevent assessment of insurance points or premium surcharges on your insurance policy, and points on your North Carolina driver’s license. You may be eligible if: (1) your court date has not passed or you have been to court and received a continuance or been ordered to take the class, (2) you have not paid off the ticket before the class begins, (3) you have not taken the Defensive Driving class within the last three years, (4) you have not received a reduction of charge to improper equipment within three years of the date of the class offering, and (5) your citation is one of the 23 eligible charges. Eligible citations may include exceeding the posted speed limit, failing to reduce speed, improper passing, red light violations, or stop sign violations.