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NC Concealed Carry Permit Class

  • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Course
  • Course Code: CSP4-CONCEAL
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-requisites: None
In Person
Fall, Spring, Summer

A state-approved, 8-hour concealed carry weapons class, includes:

1. legal block of instruction (state-mandated 2-hour block covering when you can and cannot carry, legal aspects to being armed and what is permitted, state law and traveling to other states, laws on CCW on educational property, and laws covering state and federal property)

2. handgun safety

3. handgun familiarization

4. proper grip and sight alignment

5. holster and concealment options

6. home safety and protection of children

7. interactions with law enforcement as a CCW permit holder

8. in-person instruction and range time

9. state written test and handgun qualification

This course satisfies the NC requirements for Conceal Carry application. Students are required to provide a local criminal background check.

Students will need to provide a pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition.