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TR MAG-Machinery and Ag Block

In Person
Fall, Spring
This certification-related block course will present the Technical Rescuer with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to satisfy the requirements of Chapter Nineteen (Machinery) of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications. In addition, this course covers agricultural-related emergencies and how to mitigate those responses. This block course includes all four required courses of the Technical Rescuer-Machinery and Agriculture certification program as outlined by the NC Fire and Rescue Commission for offering as of July 1, 2016: FIP-5721 TR MAG-Rescue Ops Machinery/Ag, FIP-5722 TR MAG-Stabilize/Extricate, FIP-5723 TR MAG-Large Machine/Ag Equip, and FIP-5724 TR MAG-Victim Management. This transfers as one ''all or nothing'' block to the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM). Students must successfully complete all courses that are part of this block to receive credit for any of the individual courses. Each course is consistent with the most current NC Fire and Rescue Commission guidelines.