ACC 3240 Local Government Finance in NC

Endorsed by the NC Department of State Treasurer, ACC 3240 is a hands-on continuing education course for staff that can benefit from training in North Carolina finance law and accounting. Some local government units use this class to educate non-finance department heads on the “how’s and why’s” of finance, while others use it as an educational tool for elected leaders. The course is designed to provide sufficient training to someone that is working in local government finance so they can perform essential job duties. Students are introduced to the basic job functions typically housed in the Finance Department, with more attention given to those that are found in smaller governments. This course connects functions back to the requirements for all local governments found in the NC General Statutes, primarily the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act (G.S. 159 Article 3).

Course Details

Area of Interest Job Skills and Career Training
Cost $125
Class Hours 49
Available Online No

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