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Gymnasium and Athletic Fields tennis courts

The gymnasium and athletic fields are available for College courses, organized college events and general student use as posted.

Smoking and Tobacco Products Policy

Cleveland Community College is concerned with the health, safety, and wellness of all employees, students, and visitors to the campus. Being aware of the health hazards associated with smoking and the use of other tobacco products, the Board of Trustees resolves that the College provide a smoke-free and tobacco product-free environment. The Board further resolves that effective August 1, 2007, there be no smoking or use of tobacco products permitted on the CCC campus. This includes all buildings, facilities, College vehicles, walkways, out-of-doors areas, campus grounds, and parking lots. Please refer to the Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook for the complete Smoking and Tobacco Products Policy.

The Board further resolves that for College programs and courses offered off campus in public or private locations, the instructional area shall be smoke-free and tobacco product-free; and, to the extent possible, the area immediately in front of the doors entering off-campus instructional areas shall be smoke-free and tobacco product-free.

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Student Health Insurance:

Cleveland Community College offers student health insurance for students who lack coverage for themselves, their spouse or their children. This program is provided by UnitedHealthcare through the North Carolina Community College Student Health Plan. Any community college student taking three or more credit hours per semester is eligible; this also includes distance learning students. For more information, visit

Student Accident Insurance:

The Student Accident Insurance Plan covers all registered and enrolled Cleveland Community College students for injuries sustained while the insured student is: participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the school except for play and/or practice of intercollegiate sports; traveling during such activities as a member of a group in transportation furnished or arranged by the school; or traveling directly to or from the insured’s home premises and the site of such activities. Accident Claim Forms are available in Student Services.

For questions regarding student insurance, contact Wanda Lawrence, 704-669-4034.