Instructor Brings a World of Experience to the Classroom - Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Instructor Brings a World of Experience to the Classroom

Señorita Catalina Adams currently teaches Spanish at Cleveland Community College. An engaging instructor, she brings a world of experience into her classroom. Originally from Costa Rica, Adams has lived in many different countries including Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, and China.

Her favorite thing about teaching is connecting with the students and helping them discover their own potential. In her Spanish class, Adams creates an atmosphere in which students can make mistakes. “Learning a new language should feel a little bit above your level, but not too overwhelming. If it were too easy, you would get bored.”

Adams brings to her classroom lessons she learned while teaching at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. During her time at Winthrop, she realized how hard it was for students to make the transition from intermediate Spanish to the advanced level courses. She found that introducing Spanish literature earlier in the learning process made comprehension easier. Adams also created her own narrative glossary using the shared experiences of her study abroad students.

In addition to teaching at CCC, Adams is collaborating with a colleague at St. Thomas University to write a novel for children that celebrates Spanish culture and teaches the importance of diversity. In her spare time, she practices yoga and teaches Latin dance class.

Instructor Catalina Adams