Meet CCC's Career Coaches - Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Meet The Career Coach Team

Jennifer Love serves as the Burns High School Career Coach, as well as the director of K-12 partnerships, which includes overseeing a team of career coaches at CCC. Her desire to work with students began while serving in college ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ, and during her previous job as a school counselor at James Love Elementary. She came to CCC four years ago and has been helping guide high school students since.

What is a career coach?

Career coaches serve in a similar role as academic advisors at the College. They help students choose classes based on their future goals. “Career coaches actually go into the students’ environment at the high school. We do job interest surveys and help with career exploration.” Coaches also organize events like College Experience Day and Career Day where students can get more of a hands-on look at what colleges and the job markets offer. What Jennifer enjoys most about her job is the people she works with and the ability to make an impact on students’ lives.

Pictured left-to-right: Jennifer Love,
Emily Willis, Stacey Spicer,
L’Tisha Bell and Katie McDaniel

Meet the Career Coach Team

Emily Willis

Serves: Crest High School and Cleveland Innovation

Pets: Two cats, Lilah and Tilly. One dog, Mando

Favorite food: Her Grandmother’s chicken and dumplings

Favorite pastime: throwingpottery

How do you help students as a career coach? We act as the bridge to help them navigate from high school to college. We also help them start exploring their options and thinking about the next step.

What do you like best about your role? I like being in the high schools and talking with my students, hearing their ambitions, and knowing that I am helping them to achieve them in a small way.

Katie McDaniel

Serves: Pinnacle Classical Academy and home school students

Pets: One dog, a husky named Mila

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite pastime: Photography

What do you like best about role? Interacting with students and getting to talk with them one on one.

Stacy Spicer

Serves: Kings Mountain High School and Shelby High School

Pets: Two dogs, Sookie St. James, and Oakley

Favorite Food: Anything I don’t have to cook!

Favorite pastime: Backpacking and camping at Lake James or South Mountain

How do you help students as a career coach? We work with students to help them register for CCP courses. We also try to help them understand what their options are and what the College offers.

What do you like best about role? The kids. I am always impressed by the kindness and politeness of the kids I work with.

L’Tisha Bell

Serves: Early College High School at Cleveland Community College

Pets: One pit bull and one toy poodle

Favorite pastime: I love to plan events and teach/practice yoga

How do you help students as a career coach? I help my students to choose classes that will benefit them when transferring to a university or college. I also help them with their career goals and find ways for them to receive degrees and certifications before they graduate high school.

What do you like best about role? My favorite part is the kids’ excitement and helping to integrate them into the community college more seamlessly.

Want to learn about taking college classes while in high school? Check out the Dual Enrollment page on or talk to the career coach at your school!

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