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Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (C55160)

  • Degree Offered: Certificate
  • Duration: Short Term 3-12 months
  • Program Code: C55160
  • Program Requirements:


The Cosmetology Instructor curriculum provides a course of study for learning the skills needed to teach the theory and practice of cosmetology as required by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts.

Coursework includes requirements for becoming an instructor, introduction to teaching theory, methods and aids, practice teaching, and development of evaluation instruments.

Graduates of the program may be employed as cosmetology instructors in public or private education and business.

Applicants must hold a valid Cosmetologist License from the State Board of Cosmetic Arts.

When Cosmetology Instructor Trainees leave the laboratory, they must clock out. To earn hours, students must be physically present in the laboratory.

All applicants for a Cosmetology Instructor certificate must have completed all courses, at least 800 hours (as specified). Students must have an overall average of 2.0 or higher to receive the certificate.

Program Requirements