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Admissions – FAQs

  • What are the hours of operation for Student Services?
  • The Student Services Department is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  *Summer hours (June and July) are Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and closed on Friday. Hours vary during Registration and when students are not in session.
  • I am a new student. How do I get started?
  • The first step to enroll at Cleveland is to complete an application for admission. In addition, new Students must also:
    • Submit official (original and sealed envelope) high school transcript (showing graduation date or highest grade completed), or must present an official GED score (225 or above if taken prior to January 1, 2002 or a score of 2250 if taken after January 1, 2002).
    • Submit official transcript(s) (original and sealed envelope) from all colleges and/or universities attended if you intend to earn transferable credits or to prove that course prerequisites have been satisfied. Transcripts may be submitted electronically to
      · Take the placement test(s). Most students seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate will need to take a placement test for reading, writing, and mathematics. To schedule a test, call 704-669-4228. You may be exempt from placement testing based on the criteria found in the current Academic Bulletin & Student Handbook.
      · Apply for financial aid online at For more information, call 704-669-4028.
      · Meet with your advisor prior to registration day. Find out your advisor’s name by logging into your MyCleveland account (see instructions below) or by contacting Student Services at 704-669-4081.
      · Register for classes as early as possible.
  • What is New Student Orientation? Am I required to attend?
  • All part-time and full-time new students and families are strongly encouraged to participate in a free orientation program each Fall and Spring semester in order to promote adjustment to the educational programs and services of the College. During orientation, you will have the opportunity to:
    · Interact with staff, faculty, and other students
    · Identify academic and student support services
    · Understand faculty expectations and College policies
    · Learn how to access your MyCleveland, Blackboard, and student email accounts
    · Ask pertinent questions about programs of study, important semester dates, student support services, and the placement testing process
    · Learn what it takes to be successful in college. For more information on New Student Orientation times and dates, please see the Semester Calendar or contact Student Services 704-669-4081 or by email at
  • How do I obtain a CCC Student ID/C Card?
  • Students currently enrolled in classes can obtain a C Card by bringing their photo ID to the Rose Library Support Desk. The C Card is the official identification card of Cleveland Community College and is required to access essential campus services.
  • How do I obtain a parking sticker?
  • All faculty, staff, and students are required to display a Cleveland Community College parking decal. Campus visitors are exempt from the requirement to register their vehicle, but must follow all other regulations. Curriculum students can obtain a parking decal from Student Services or the Rose Library by providing a copy of their current schedule or student ID. Continuing Education students can obtain a parking decal from the Continuing Education department.
  • How do I know when I can register?
  • Registration Dates/Times are available on the Semester Calendar available on our website at under Current Students.
  • When will the class schedule be posted?
  • Class Schedules are typically available online one week prior to the start of registration.
  • What is Blackboard?
  • Blackboard is our course management system and is used for online, hybrid, web-assisted and some seated courses.
  • What is MyCleveland?
  • MyCleveland is a secure online portal for online registration and payment, access to grades, unofficial transcripts, class schedules, advisor information, and more.
  • How do I access Student Email?
  • All curriculum students enrolled at CCC are provided an email account. Email is an official and preferred method of communication for delivery of information. To access student email, visit our website at and click on Login at the top right of any page.
  • What is my USERNAME to access these tools (Blackboard, Student Email, MyCleveland)?
  • Your USERNAME is the first eight (8) letters of your last name, the first letter of your first name, and the last three (3) numbers of your Student ID number. Your Student ID number can be found on your Registration Statement as well as on the front of your Student ID card (after the CV). For Blackboard:
    Based on the definition of USERNAME above, type: clev- followed by USERNAME
    Example for John Westinghouse (1234567):clev-westinghj567For Student Email:
    Based on the definition of USERNAME above, type
    Example for John Westinghouse (1234567):
  • What is my PASSWORD for Student Email and Blackboard?
  • Your PASSWORD for Blackboard and your Student Email account is your 7-digit Student ID number. This number can be found on your Registration Statement as well as on the front of your Student ID card.
  • How do I set up my MyCleveland account?
  • For MyCleveland:
    1. From cccConnect click the “MyCleveland”link.
    2. Click on “Account Information” (bottom right of page).
    3. Click on “What’s my password”.
    4. Click on, “I don’t remember: Reset my password”.
    5. Enter your last name. Then enter either your social security number or Colleague ID
    number (7-digit student ID #).
    6. Select an email address in the drop down box and click the “SUBMIT” button.
    7. You will receive your temporary password in your student email account. Be sure to check
    the junk folder.
    8. Return to MyCleveland and click “Log In” (in the upper right hand corner of page) with
    your user ID and temporary password. You will be asked to reset your password once
    you’ve successfully logged in. Be sure to store your new password in a safe place.
    What if I need help? If you have questions or need technical assistance contact the CCC HelpDesk, which is located on the 2nd level of the Jim & Patsy Rose Library, or call (704) 669-4133, or email
  • How do I drop courses through MyCleveland?
  • 1. Go to and click Login (at the top of any page).
    2. Login using your username and password.
  • 3. Click the “MyCleveland” link.
    4. Click “Log In” and login to MyCleveland (directions are provided by navigating to and clicking the question mark to the right of the topic you need assistance with).
    5. Click “Students” (in blue).
    6. Click “Register and Drop Sections”.
    7. From the “Register and Drop Sections” page (accessible from the “Students Menu”) select “RM Remove from List” from the drop-down box. Select “ALL allow me to adjust all” in the drop-down box at the bottom of the page.
    8. Click the “Submit” button.
    9. You will be taken to a “Registration Results” page that will show you what courses were successfully dropped. Click “OK.”
  • How do I pay for courses through MyCleveland?
  • Before logging into MyCleveland you must first setup your CCC email account. (Before you can pay for your courses online, you must have already registered.)
    1. Go to and click Login (at the top of any page).
  • 2. Login using your username and password.
    3. Click the “MyCleveland” link.
    4. Click “Log In” and login to MyCleveland.
    5. Click “Students” (in blue).
    6. Click “Account Summary by Term,” listed under “Financial Information.”
    7. Select “Pay on My Account” in the bottom right corner.
    8. Type the amount to pay in the “Payment Amount” field(s). Select the Payment Type from the drop down menu. Click the “Submit” button.
    9. Complete all required information on the Electronic Card Entry screen. Please ensure that the Billing Address is that of the cardholder. Click the “Submit” button.
    10. You should now see “Payment Confirmation” screen. Print a copy for your records. The confirmation should state the amount paid with your credit card as well as a reference number. You should receive an email at the address entered in step #9, retain this for your records. Click the “Ok” button.
    11. When you’ve finished the payment process be sure to click the “Log Out” link.
  • How do I add courses through MyCleveland?
  • Registering for a Course:
    1. Go to and click Login (at the top of any page).
  • 2. Login with your username and password.
    3. Click the “MyCleveland” link.
    4. Click “Log In” and login to MyCleveland.
    5. Click “Students” (in blue). Click “Register for Sections” and then click “Search and register for sections.”
    6. Select the term for which you are registering in the drop-down box. Select the subject(s) for the course(s) you would like to search/register for. If you know the course number for the course you would like to search/register for, enter it in the Course Number box. In the Academic Level dropdown box select “Curriculum” and then click the “Submit” button.
    7. You will be presented with a listing of the courses based on the selection you made on the previous page. Click the checkbox(s) beside the course(s) for which you would like to register and then click “Submit.”
    8. On the “Register and Drop Sections” page select an Action in the drop-down box for each course.
    9. Select “RG Register” in the drop-down box to register for the course. Select “ALL allow me to adjust all” in the dropdown box at the bottom of the page.
    Click “Submit.”
    10. You will be taken to a “Registration Results” page that will show you what courses were successfully registered. Click the “OK” button.
    11. Remember that your registration is not complete until your tuition has been paid. In order to avoid being dropped from these classes you must pay.
  • Do you take debit cards?
  • All major credit cards (Visa, Discover, American Express, Master Card) are accepted. Debit cards with the Visa/MasterCard logo are also accepted. Please contact the Business Office at 704-669-4006 to arrange payment over the phone.
  • I tried to register online through MyCleveland, but it said I did not meet the prerequisites. What does this mean?
  • To access course descriptions, including prerequisite information, visit our website at, click on Search All Courses in the middle of the page, or click Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook in the footer, then Course Descriptions. If you have questions on how you can satisfy a course prerequisite, please contact Student Services at 704-669-4081.
  • I was told I have a flag on my account, who do I contact?
  • Please contact a Student Services representative at 704-669-4081 to determine why your account is flagged.
  • How do I determine who is my advisor? How do I contact my advisor?
  • Students can determine which advisor to contact by logging into MyCleveland.  It is recommended that you contact your advisor prior to the start of registration. Advisor contact information is available on our website at or by contacting Student Services at 704.669.4081.
  • How do I contact my instructor?
  • Full-time faculty email addresses and phone numbers can be located in the online employee directory available on our website at or through the Advisor Contact list. Adjunct faculty email addresses are available through Academic Programs.
  • How can I obtain a printed copy of my schedule?
  • Students can obtain a copy of their student schedule in Student Services or the Business Office. Please provide your CCC student ID when requesting a copy of your schedule.
  • Where do I the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook?
  • Visit Find a link to the Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook in the footer.
  • What are the program requirements to be admitted into the Health Science Programs and BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training)?
  • For specific requirements for the Health Science programs (Associate Degree Nursing, Radiography, Surgical Technology, Medical Assisting, Licensed Practical Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant I and II, and Phlebotomy), and BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training), please visit our website at, Admissions, then How to Apply.
  • I have moved and need to update my address, how do I do this?
  • Address changes can be made through your MyCleveland account, or by completing a Student Information Form available under Student Forms on the CCC website or in Student Services. These forms can be faxed into Student Services at 704-669-4204.
  • Where is the Lost and Found located at CCC?
  • The Lost and Found is located in Student Services.
  • What if I have a family emergency and someone needs to remove me from class? Whom do they contact?
  • Student Services at 704-669-4081
  • How do I find out which textbook I need to order?
  • For information on textbooks, as well as how to order online, please visit our website and click on Campus Experience, then Book Store, or choose Book Store from the Quick Links at the bottom of the homepage.
  • How do I find out if classes have been canceled for inclement weather?
  • -You will receive an announcement via cccAlert, if you have signed up to receive notifications.
    -Check the College website homepage

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